Chef Juan Palerm brings Sugar Beach Catering to Miami Beach

Beautiful beaches, warm tropical breezes, and a wedding couple strolling through the sand just after their nuptials. These are what inspired Chef Juan to create Sugar Beach Catering.

“I want a newly married couple to walk into their reception knowing that their special day is going to be spent with family and friends enjoying beautiful food, made from the finest ingredients using fromscratch techniques”.

There are so many elements that have to come together when creating the perfect event, but the food is the most important – it must be flawless and memorable. That is why Chef Juan collaborates personally with every client: To ensure that they receive the best menu for their tastes, event and budget. From handmade, butler-served appetizers to chef-carved meats, Chef Juan has a hand in the creation of every item. “It’s not enough to watch a dish prepared. I pick the ingredients, make the recipes, taste everything and make sure the food is exactly as it is supposed to be”.

Chef Juan has catered hundreds of events over his 20-plus years in the food business, from small family-style dinners to weddings to grand balls for the American Cancer Society. Every event is special and so are the guests.

After spending 22 years in the Panhandle of Florida, with a 3-year sojourn to Japan and one year in Prague, Chef Juan decided South Florida is the place, not only for his catering company, but to spend the rest of his career and beyond. “South Florida offers a chef so many challenges and opportunities. With so many great chefs in the area, I have to put all my effort, desire, knowledge and passion into what I do, if I want to thrive in such a dynamic and visionary bastion of culinary greatness”.

Chef Juan utilizes a variety of cultures and cuisines for his style of cooking. Spending time in Japan and Europe, as well as several parts of the U.S., Chef Juan has obtained valuable knowledge of a variety of cooking techniques and styles. “The Gulf Coast gave me fresh seafood; Japan, a variety of styles from the Tokyo to Osaka to Hokkaido; in Prague, I learned Continental European. I employ all these flavors and styles into my cooking, always learning and refining to create the best that I can”.

The most important aspect of Chef Juan’s coking is the movement towards using local, sustainable, and organic foods whenever possible. “One big reason I came to his area is the access to a wide variety of local farmers and sources for vegetables, meats, and seafood. While not always available during certain times of the year, it gives me the opportunity to support a return to the farming practices that do not rely on petroleum based fertilizers, pesticides, and genetically modified techniques and to provide my clients with the best ingredients possible”.

For your next event in South Florida, including the Florida Keys, you have a new choice: Sugar Beach Catering. For more information, please contact Chef Juan Palerm by email at chefjuan@sugarbeachcatering. com or directly at 786-332-7865.

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