Condo False Alarm

By Commissioner Jonah Wolfson….

Jonah Wolfson

In an August 10, 2011 article, Commissioner Libbin warns Condo owners that a law that I sponsored will require the City to spend $1,000,000 and hire an additional 11 code officers. Nothing could be further from the truth. This was not part of my proposed ordinance. Rather, staff suggested it at a finance meeting and the notion was completely debunked by myself and several other commissioners.

In fact, Commissioner Libbin was not even in attendance at this meeting. Moreover, my proposal in no way directs City Staff to look through folk’s trash. It is being further refined to remove any likelihood that this could happen.

Interestingly, Commissioner Libbin voted for this proposal. If it was so bad, you would think he would have voted against it. But he didn’t. Rather, he used the front page of this paper to politicize an issue and cast this proposal in a bad light.

In this instance, I firmly believe that he mischaracterized a proposal of mine for personal political gain.

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