Consumers Spearheading the Future of Communication

Consumers Spearheading the Future of CommunicationAT&T Investing for the 21st Century

Consumers in the 21st century have adopted products, apps and services at an unprecedented rate. Powered by Internet Protocol (IP) broadband networks, smartphones and tablets provide users with anytime, everywhere access to social media and a host of video-conferencing services. These devices are providing people everywhere with new choices to connect, communicate, and access information and entertainment.

IP-based networks and technologies enable your TV, phone, laptop and tablet to seamlessly communicate voice, data, and Internet applications—which opens the door to boundless opportunities for consumers. IP-based and wireless technology brings new options for conveniently managing your health care and new opportunities for students and educators that were once unimaginable. Consumers are already jumping aboard the wireless technology train and are propelling investment in new wirelessenabled technologies like telemedicine, remote patient monitoring and smart grids. Students are now benefiting from digital textbooks and “blended learning,” which fuses traditional classroom techniques with online instruction for a richer educational experience.

IP-based networks and the products and technologies they enable can also be a leading force in economic recovery. A recent report by Deloitte projects that every $1 billion invested in mobile wireless broadband creates 15,000 jobs. American economist and former US Treasury Secretary, Lawrence Summers has stated “each dollar invested in wireless deployment is estimated to result in as much as $7 to $10 higher GDP.”

At AT&T, we are striving to meet the needs of our customers today while preparing to deliver the innovative technologies they’ll want and need tomorrow. Through Project Velocity IP (VIP), we plan to invest billions of dollars to expand and enhance our wireless and wireline IP broadband networks to reach more customers in more places.

As part of Project VIP, we plan to expand our 4G LTE network to cover 300 million people in the U.S. by year-end 2014, as well as providing 99 percent of customer locations in our 22-state footprint access to 4G LTE by year-end 2015.

AT&T is also driving investment and innovation across South Florida to deliver a great wireless experience for our customers. This year alone, the company has:

• Added extra capacity to several hundred cell sites from Key West to Vero Beach;

• Turned on eight new cell sites;

• Activated service on the Distributed Antenna System (DAS) at the American Airlines Arena in Miami;

• Deployed Wi-Fi at Sun Life Stadium;

• And installed fiber to more than 660 multi-tenant buildings in the Miami-metro area to give businesses access to blazing-fast Internet connections and cloud-based resources.

Consumers in all corners of the country are seeking the benefits being online. Through Project VIP, AT&T is working to deliver more of what our customers want for today and the future.

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