Battle of the Beaches

battle-of-the-beaches [dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou can play it up or outright dismiss it but could Cuba be the next big thing in beachfront casino resorts?

Miami Beach residents want nothing to do with casinos overlooking their wide sandy beaches.

No need for this additional plague on the already problematic traffic situation in South Beach.

No need in this town for those seeking a casino tan.

Miami Beach is doing just fine catering to those seeking natural vitamin D while craving sun and surf right outside their hotel door. There is plenty of nightlife with no shortage of stars in the sky or in the clubs. It may not be Texas but Miami Beach is larger than life and even without LeBron there is still plenty of talent in South Beach.

So don’t worry, even if Havana gets glimmering casino resorts perched on their wide sandy beaches, we will still be partying at Liv until the sun rises over the shimmering Atlantic. I mean what stars really want to drink authentic Cuban rum, smoke authentic Cuban cigars, and party to the rhythmic sounds of the Copacabana beat in a Havana casino?

It’s all good and the party is nonstop.

If you have any doubts about the good times rolling on just ask those Jersey Shore folks.

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