Danny Daze Announces New ‘Miami’ EP

Danny Daze Announces New ‘Miami’ EPAlmost a year and six releases since its inception, the label Omnidisc has built a strong reputation for its variety and depth. Now, Danny Daze steps up to reveal himself the mystery curator behind the ‘raw and unpolished’ label, with his new release of the five-track ‘Miami’ EP.
“Omnidisc is a continuation of the label I started 11 years ago, called Omniamm,” Daze said, “The purpose of the label is to have a platform to release music of all forms. I did not announce the label earlier because I wanted the music to do the talking, letting listeners know what we’re about. Omnidisc is not searching for chart topping hits, but more about memorable music you will remember when you walk out the door. I would like to be able to push artists I feel need to be heard. The past releases by Cliff Lothar, Barker & Baumecker, Drvg Cvtlvre, Schmutz and upcoming releases by Sebastien Bouchet, Legowelt, Dean Grenier, David Vunk & Tennis show the variety of the label while still keeping a uniform sound. I’ve always felt the best labels around are more of a family rather than just business. Being able to curate music has always been something that as felt natural and want Omnidisc to feel like a home for all the artists I release.”

Danny Daze – ‘Miami’ EP – Omnidisc
1. Danny Daze ‘Miami’
2. Danny Daze ‘Pop’ (dub)
3. Danny Daze ‘Pop’ (vocal)
4. Jaegerverb & Danny Daze ‘Brav’
5. Kevin McPhee & Danny Daze ‘Aqua’
Release date: February 22nd

Danny Daze Announces New ‘Miami’ EP‘Miami’ is hard hitting techno electro funk that takes you down the back streets of Miami to find a music zone you never knew existed. The track ‘Pop,’ (dub and vocal versions) is a massive track that you already know as soon as you hear it. ‘Brav’ is a collaboration with Daze’s Berlin friend Jaegerverb, a simple beat focusing on the hypnotic synth element. ‘Aqua’ is a collaboration with Daze’s friend, Kevin McPhee, an underwater feel with rolling bass line and spaced out melodic elements.

Omnidisc is a label with a simple sonic aesthetic, to stay ‘raw & unpolished’. Fans can catch Daze and Ben UFO at Trade in Miami Beach on March 4.

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