Does anyone care?

The search is well underway to see what the future holds for the Miami Beach Convention Center.

There are mixed feelings about the vision, but I was surprised by the perception of an International gaming company that responded to a question on this subject at a recent gaming industry forum. This company has interest in building a casino mega-resort in Miami that would include a convention center. This company was asked about the Miami Beach Convention Center and in a nice way said there was plenty of room in Miami for two convention centers. Theirs would, of course, be for the major conventions requiring a massive amount of space while Miami Beach would house smaller events. This translates to Miami gets the whales, while Miami Beach gets the minnows. To put it more bluntly Miami gets the bread, while Miami Beach gets the crumbs. The auto show expands and goes to the casino convention center, while the gun and knife show comes to Miami Beach.

If this is the acceptable perception, then the residents and businesses on the Beach can rest easy. If second rate and second fiddle doesn’t sit well, then it might be time to take a good look around and decide if you want to be Hertz or Avis.

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