Dolphins and Marlins



Most politically savvy South Floridians were slightly shocked that the bill to allow a bed tax increase to fund Dolphin Stadium improvements never made it to a vote in the Florida Legislature.

Some call it the “Marlin” effect as certainly the voters in Miami-Dade County were stung by the one-sided business deal engineered by Marlins’ owner Jeffrey Loria.

That faux pas has left a very bad taste in the mouth of residents and local politicians alike.Somehow you felt that the dynamic duo of Dan Marino and Don Shula campaigning in Tallahassee could overcome almost anything. After all this was going to bring Super Bowls to South Florida. The organization asking for the vote was the tried and true Miami Dolphins, not the carpet bagging Florida turned Miami Marlins. The TV ads had already started, and an “opportunity” fair as opposed to a job fair was in the works.

Some of us are still shaking our heads in disbelief.This is a sign of the times. Once bitten, twice shy. Get ready South Florida for the 2014 legislative session as the Vegas and Malaysian gaming teams head back into town for one more run at resort casinos. This should be fun to watch.

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