Fast Ferry Off to Slow Start

Maylasian corporate behemoth, Genting, has started a fast ferry service to Bimini where they have a small casino under construction. Genting is the company that purchased the Miami Herald building and the Omni hotel.

They brought their corporate road show to Tallahassee where they encountered more roadblocks than they had anticipated. Plans for a mega destination casino in downtown Miami were not greeted as planned. In fact Genting was sent packing with a not so subtle message from the Florida Legislature that foreigners parachuting into Florida with dreams of being met with open arms and casino approvals was just not happening.

While the legislature has approved a two-part six month study of the gaming industry, Genting decided to take their act slightly off shore to the island of Bimini fifty miles away. The new highspeed luxury ferry to Bimini got off to a slow start when Coast Guard officials delayed the maiden voyage due to minor violations on the ship. Genting is hoping up to 3,000 people a day will make the two hour trip to their almost Miami casino.

Patrons will be able to gamble on board the ferry once it clears the threemile mark into international waters.

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13 Comments on "Fast Ferry Off to Slow Start"

  1. This is the best news to hit Miami in a long time. The "ferry" is a state of the art cruise ship with entertainment, gourmet food and staterooms. The gambling offsets the cost of the high-speed cruise so anyone with a day off and a few dollars in their pocket can enjoy it. I've been reading about it and eagerly awaiting it's start up so I can get on one of the first trips. It's going to be the greatest.

  2. Steve Linton | July 22, 2013 at 4:34 pm | Reply

    The Bimini Superfast boat is super awesome. I took a trip to Resorts World Bimini over the weekend AND LOVED IT. The cruise was fun and comfortable. The staff was friendly and Bimini had lots to do. I will go again. I will never go to the Indian tribes Hard Rock casino again. The Genting experience was much more upscale.

  3. Steve Linton | July 22, 2013 at 4:55 pm | Reply

    This is propaganda from a man who runs one of florida's smallest pari-mutuels. His company is trying to get a gaming license and they are badmouthing the competition. That is shameful.

  4. Juanita Feenis | July 22, 2013 at 8:45 pm | Reply

    I have been on a few cruise ships but this one is best ever. It speeds along fast and smooth and it's like a city inside with multiple lounges and restaurants. We played slots and were up about $50 on the way there which was great. The Resort World is a very professional operation. Everything is brand new and the staff is extremely polite and attentive to your every wish. We left ahead of the game and enjoyed the deck on the way back. It's really spectacular and I would recommend it to anyone.

  5. Steve Linton | July 23, 2013 at 10:31 am | Reply

    The Resorts World Bimini cruise ship will only cost $49. It's the best deal in all of florida. How can anyone deny it?

  6. What a tremendous ride! This ship zipped over the water as if we were in a plane. There are many locations on board to get fabulous gourmet food. The show was also fantastic. When you hit those azure blue waters of the Bahamas, you sure know you're not in Florida. Our little trip from the boat to the casino was very memorable over crystal clear water where you could see all the fish and the sandy bottom below. The casino was absolutely spectacular! We settled in for some serious gambling fun and did pretty well. The timing was perfect and after we returned to the ship we saw a really great show on the way back. This is my new hangout. You will never see me at the Hard Rock again.

  7. Genting, Resort World’s owners, took the necessary measures to ensure the SuperFast complied with safety standards. That, in itself, appeals to me a lot more than those other cruise ships. How many times have those other ships caught fire, got grounded or lost power? Please. The SuperFast isgoing to be my choice for fast sailing and hard partying. I’ve booked myself a party cruise on the SuperFast this weekend. I’m going to start partying as soon as I board the ship and I will feel secure that I'm on a safe vessel.

  8. My girlfriends and I have made this place our new home. We are going to try to ride the ship once a week. The people are all very friendly and the carefree lifestyle of the Bahamas is something the passengers enjoy from the moment they board the ship. Gambling is pretty good on the ship and then some at the Resorts World. See you on board.

  9. JORGE CACERES | July 25, 2013 at 3:43 pm | Reply


  10. MeriCalloway | July 31, 2013 at 7:24 pm | Reply

    My chiropractor told me about the SuperFast, Resort World Bimini’s new cruise ship. She said her sister and a friend took a cruise this past weekend. It sounds like a great deal and I heard the service is excellent. They took the cruise out to Resort World Bimini and got a chance to gamble and tour the resort. I have three days off work coming up week after next and I’m going to book a cruise. I’ve been looking for something special to treat myself and I like the sound of a 2 and ½ hour trip to Bimini. My chiropractor already booked a cruise. I went to the website, , and everything I saw is just what I’ve been looking for in an affordable getaway. .

  11. I'm going to go on one of the Resorts World Bimini cruises.  I've only been to Bimini once before and I really enjoyed the island.  The people are very welcoming.  With round trip rates at only $49 I can now go every weekend.

    Inside cabins on the ship are only $25. I'll never go to the south Florida parimutuels again.   Bimini is better.

  12. I'm going to go on one of the Resorts World Bimini cruises. I’m tired of going to Atlantic City, or to Vegas. They are played out. I’m interested in something new and exciting and the Bimini resort has caught my attention. I’d much rather take a 2 hour luxury boat cruise to the Bahamas then to go to the airport and take a 4 hour plane to Vegas. No thanks.

  13. Wow look at all those awesome positive (fake) reviews posted by Genting employees!

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