Go ahead and Wine a little

Go ahead and Wine a little“I like wine that’s not too sweet, not too dry; something rich and fruity and light bodied… like Barolo!”

This is the request I get more often than you might expect from people who just want to enjoy a nice dinner. As a sommelier, I often receive interesting descriptions of wines from the very people who I am there to please. Why is it that the reservation, transportation and table selection are so easy, yet most people are afraid to choose a wine for dinner? Is something you are drinking to enjoy supposed to be so confusing? Understanding wine basics is extremely beneficial, regardless of the occasion. Here are 5 reasons why learning about wine is worth your time.

Wine knowledge makes you sexy. Imagine being on a first date, you sit at your table and exchange nervous glances before confidently picking up the wine list, asking your date their preference and ordering a winner. It really can make your night, or at least start it out on a good note. Drinks are usually ordered first after a table is seated. Setting a good first impression is the one who can order wine for the table and surprise everyone with suave and sophistication.

It helps you get what you want. If you know enough to describe which wine you like then you are off to a good start when ordering. Talking about wine intelligently can help the server, or shop salesperson point you in the right direction. Tell them the occasion and your price requirements, don’t leave them to guess. If you have a favorite label you can mention, that’s a great start. You are more likely to get what you want when you can describe it accurately.

Understanding wine is easier than you think. There are a few major styles which encompass the entire world of wine.

Understanding the basics will slingshot you to a whole new level of confidence when picking out a bottle. Picking up a basic wine guide or course is a great way to start. You can also take wine courses online or with inexpensive wine courses.

It improves your image. Being the one guy in the group to prefer Bordeaux to beer definitely makes a statement. Being the woman who knows her vintage Champagne and has exquisite taste will always impress her peers. Wine reeks of sophistication, and whether you are out with friends, at a party or even in a business setting, it can make a great impression.

It teaches you about yourself. Tasting wine makes you realize how much of life you are missing. Tasting wine demands a focus that most of us don’t usually exhibit when we eat or drink. But it doesn’t stop with wine; this awareness brings a new level of euphoria when we sit down to dinner or to morning coffee. Taking the time to sit and savor a meal is what we go out to eat for in the first place. Getting in touch with your palate opens doors for new experiences and appreciation for old ones.

Wine is not in the realm of the snobs anymore. Whether you are on a date or picking out a gift for a party, wine knowledge can improve your life and your image. It can open doors and grant new experiences. For such a small time investment, it’s worth learning about. So pick up a book or register for a class, because you are sophisticated, and it shows!

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