Healthy Hydration is Essential to Your Health

You probably know the food you eat has a big impact on your health but did you realize solid food only makes up a quarter of your body? The other three quarters are water! Especially in our hot climate, drinking ample amounts of pure water is essential to your health. Just going about your daily activities, you lose significant amounts of water through exhalation, sweating and going to the bathroom. Even being just slightly dehydrated affects your energy level and ability to concentrate.

Can other liquids such as sodas, sports drinks, tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages replace water? The answer is a resounding NO. Just as you cannot wash your clothes in fruit juice or do the dishes with coffee, your body needs water to function properly.

Kangen® water is produced by a small device that first filters tap water without removing the essential minerals. This filtered water then goes through an additional process that creates alkaline drinking water that is rich in oxygen, which provides increased energy, and is also strongly antioxidant, thus protecting our cells from damage by free radicals. Kangen® water has a smooth texture and does not cause bloating like other waters. The American Anti- Cancer Institute recommends drinking Kangen® water to prevent and treat cancer.

This is due to studies demonstrating that cancer cannot thrive in alkaline, high-oxygen environments. Kangen® water machines produce several additional waters for skin care, cleaning and disinfecting, as well as for removing pesticides from produce, so you can truly enjoy a green and healthy life.

I am a chemist by training, but more importantly, a huge water drinker. Hana offered me a free trial of Kangen water, so I thought “why not? I tried it and loved it. I started guzzling even more water than usual… Now, my skin looks better than ever, I feel better than ever, and I drink more water than ever. I love my machine and I love the water. — Jeannette P.

I bought a Kangen water machine through Hana Dolgin and feel it was a great investment. Not only is the drinking water healthy and beneficial, but I use other waters to water my plants, clean my home without chemicals and for many other uses. — Ivan C.

For information and your free trial of Kangen® water, contact Hana Dolgin at 786-529-1486 and visit online at

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