Help Develop a Revitalization Plan for Miami Beach’s North Beach

Not to be confused with the cities of North Miami or North Miami Beach — Miami Beach’s North Beach is one of three districts in the historic and vibrant, urban island city poised with many exciting opportunities. As such, city officials are leading an effort to formulate a comprehensive economic development and revitalization plan for the area.

A community workshop will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, February 13 at the North Shore Park Youth Center, 501 72 Street to seek public input to serve as a foundation for the plan.

The purpose of this effort is to establish an updated community vision for North Beach and to reinvigorate efforts to enhance the district. All aspects of the district from streets and sidewalks to public parks to economic development strategies that will attract new business and employment to the area will be explored. Previous initiatives designed to stimulate North Beach, many of which were stymied by the economic downturn, will also be reviewed for continued pertinence. Input from the public will be used as a foundation for the new strategy initiatives and future work plans for the district.

North Beach is generally defined as that area of the City of Miami Beach north of 63 Street to the city limits located about 87 Terrace.
The workshops are designed for maximum public input and will include both group discussion and small group brainstorming. Participants will be free to discuss any aspect of North Beach such as, but not limited to issues facing residents and/or businesses, infrastructure needs, recreational possibilities, or the types of businesses they would like to see locate to the area.

In addition to the public workshops, the public can provide input, suggestions and opinions relating to North Beach via zation or

Comments will be accepted through the presentation of a draft plan that is expected to be completed in July 2014. For more information, contact Jeff Oris or Glendon Hall at the Miami Beach Economic Development Division, 305.673.7577 or at

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