Hurricane Safety for Miami Beach Buildings

admin-ajaxMiami Beach provides the perfect elements for luxury living and it is just getting started! Located along gorgeous beaches glamorized with exquisitely designed buildings, Miami Beach promises to be the world’s sweetheart. Especially after celebrities like Jennifer Lopez have referred to Miami as their “home away from home.” Unfortunately, celebrities are not our only visitors. Hurricanes like to make themselves at home near the coastlines of South Florida as well.

Windows and doors offer commodities such as access, light and view to our homes. Therefore the importance of having properly installed shutters cannot be stressed enough during this season. One of the most common reasons why shutters fail is because the shutter screws are not properly tightened. When the screws loosen, unwelcomed water will penetrate your home and could potentially damage your property.

Moreover, shutters must be able to withstand impact from wind borne debris. Consider impact-resistant shutters that close over windows and doors for maximum protection. Regular inspections will not only prevent property loss but could also save a life.

Another common problem in South Florida are stucco cracks. They are simply inevitable. If not checked regularly, they will create severe safety hazards. Buildings experience initial settlement cracks during the immediate years after they are completed. These cracks will allow moisture penetration and threaten the integrity of the structure. Since different stucco cracks will require different repairs, a careful and thorough inspection must be performed.

Buildings near the coastline already experience extensive exposure to moisture and salt on an everyday basis. Minor concrete cracks can develop into major damages over time. Hurricanes and tropical storms will cause these damages to occur sooner rather than later. M2E Consulting Engineers feels proud to take part in this iconic city’s rapid development.

M2E offers services such as concrete restoration, painting and waterproofing work design and supervision.


Additionally M2E offers mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection and structural design services. Some of their satisfied clients include Castle Beach Condominium and Saxony Miami Beach Residence. The Related Group, one of their most distinguished clients, has trusted M2E with several of their up-and-coming projects such as Paraiso Bay and Beach walk.

Whether a building is completed or under construction, regular inspections are required to ensure the safety of its residents and preserve this city’s charming effect.

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