Internationally acclaimed Italian artist re-envisions Miami’s Art Deco

Artioli’s “Deco Shuttle,” a representation of Miami Beach’s Plymouth Hotel

A nomadic artisan who travels the world capturing the most revered landmarks and locales through his discerning camera lens: welcome to the life of Luca Artioli.

A Milan born-and-bred artist, photographer, and poet who has earned a spot amongst exclusive European cultural and artistic circles through popular culture work with Hermes in Paris and La Scala in Milan, Artioli has chosen Miami to embark on his latest creative journey of interpretation. He is currently spearheading a bold project being presented before Mayor Mattie Bower which uses Miami’s signature Art Deco movement and its new modern architecture as his muse. Although it is no easy feat to capture a unique perspective of Ocean Drive’s historic hotels and bustling streets- a task attempted by hundreds of photographers- Artioli has succeeded in doing just this. His unique blurred photography effect, as seen in the “Deco Shuttle” photo, is achieved by using a wide angle lens and unique camera movements; massive landmarks become sheer silhouettes.

Artist Luca Artioli

“I met Mr. Artioli in November last year but I recognized his presence as a very well-known artist in Italy, who is also recognized indirectly in the U.S. by being granted a special green card for extraordinary artistic merit, already showing the weight of the person,” said Adolfo Barattolo, Consul General of Miami. “I went to his showroom and I think he is creating something very interesting – it is a great contribution to give greater Miami and its environment a new dimension.”

The project, which will ultimately cover everywhere from Miami Beach to Vizcaya to downtown, will be an important advancement to the Florida contemporary art world. Artioli’s goal is to publish the project, adding to his impressive collection of 11 photography and poetry books. He hopes to collaborate with U.S. interior designers, architects and the like to delve into exciting new projects, such as producing fine art furniture with his photography. Additionally, he plans to contribute to the 2013 “Year of Italian Culture in the U.S.” celebration to showcase the impact of Italian art, culture, and design on the American lifestyle.

With his published books benefiting charities in India and depression prevention in wake of a close relative’s tragic suicide, it appears that Artioli is pre-empting the 2013 Year of Italian Culture celebration and transporting his country’s artistic values beyond mere U.S. boundaries and into the global spectrum.

“My mission is to bring beauty to the eye,” Artioli says. “I am happy if I can help people in many ways like I did with my book for India charity- give a moment of joy and inspiration to somebody. I felt a lot of solace from nature and photography, as it helped me in times of great tragedy, so I want to give that to other people.”

Artioli, who finished his Art Deco exploration, is now moving onto a new Miami modern skyline project. To learn more about this gifted artist and his diverse work, visit, or call (786) 972-5510 to schedule an appointment to visit his 245 Michigan Avenue studio.

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