Leadership Spotlight- Justin Levy


Florida’s youngest and most diligent entrepreneurs, Justin Levy is no stranger to success. His journey began in Coral Gables at the University of Miami. Levy graduated with three majors within the business school: entrepreneurship, management, and finance—taking a plethora of business classes.

Levy did not only take advantage of the wide spectrum of business classes offered, but also sought involvement in the many business resources that UM makes available whether it be clubs, Business Fraternities, Toppel Career Center, the Launch Pad, and even networking with notable professors and other students. His commonly uttered words, “what you put in is what you get out” can be proven by his proactive mentality and his successive accomplishments. While in college, Levy started a number of companies, all using the knowledge he gained from classes and his naturally “business savvy” personality. Among his entrepreneurship ventures, Levy became involved in SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. This interest in internet marketing led to the creation of his rapidly growing, AffordableSEOs.com. The company, based in Miami Beach, FL, focuses on bringing new business through clients’ websites. The services provided include search engine optimization, social media management, pay-per click management, and full web design, building, and development. Levy’s primary objective is to build long lasting business relationships bundled with top quality service. By placing websites on top positions for keywords on Google and other major search engines, AffordableSEOs has positioned itself as one of the leaders in the industry.Although their strongest client base is South Florida, the company has already grown into two national offices and one global office with more on the horizon.

Justin Levy’s early enthusiasm regarding anything business-related was obvious, and the wide range of experience that he obtained in the business world has awarded him with the opportunity of being an active member in the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce. This membership blossomed into even further involvement and responsibility, including the position of Chairman of the Membership Committee and sitting on the Pillar Board of Trustees. Levy looks to be an active member of the Chamber for many years to come.

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