Letter from the Chair

What makes Miami Beach the internationally renowned city that it is? Is it our beautiful beaches, luxurious world class hotels, incredible shopping, delicious restaurants, exciting nightlife, enjoyable day life? Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. I always liked the multiple choice questions where I could answer “all of the above.” I don’t have to sell you on how great this city is…you already know it! That’s why you are here!

So what can we do to make it better? My opinion…bring more great people here just like you from all over the world. How do we do it? Simple! Make sure that we get our convention center properly and adequately renovated and add a convention center hotel. Our professionals and past conventioneers have made it clear that this is necessary to draw the bigger and better conventions. Along with those conventions that we are unable to attract today comes higher hotel occupancy, generating greater tax dollars to the city and more benefits to the residents and everyone who spends time in Miami Beach.

So what do we need to do to get this all accomplished? Not much! It’s happening as we speak. The Portman and Tischman groups have been working hard to assemble the right development plan for the Miami Beach Convention Center and adjacent land. The City’s plan is to select one of the developer groups in June and move forward with the site plan development from there. We all need to get behind this and make it happen to insure the future of our incredible city. Now more than ever, the business community, residents and all constituents must team up to move this forward and make sure that we improve our convention center. We at the Chamber are committed to facilitate this process and serve as a resource to the community at all levels. I encourage you to get involved in the Chamber to learn more about what the Chamber can do for you and experience the power of membership.At your service,

At your service,

Alan A. Lips

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