Lincoln Road median construction

CIP met at the site this past Monday with representatives from Parking, Community Outreach departments, MDTA, M.Vila (contractor), Chen and Associates (Engineer of Record), Duck Tours representative, and others to discuss the Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) for project (preliminary attached).

The Project will be phased in four quadrants, northeast, northwest, southwest, and southeast. The bus stops/terminals are currently on the northwest and southwest quadrants.

• While construction is ongoing on the northwest quadrant, the bus
stop will be relocated to the northeast quadrant.

• While construction is in process on the southwest quadrant, the bus stop will be relocated to the southeast quadrant.

• The Duck tours will be relocated to James Avenue just north of
Lincoln Road for the Project duration.

• Loading zones will be maintained on the northwest and southeast

• Taxicabs will continue to stack on the 100 block and on the
southeast side.  When the construction moves to this block we will provide an area to the north for additional stacking.

A Lincoln Road East Pre-Construction Community meeting will be held on Thursday, April 21, 2011 at 6:00 pm at the Miami Beach Police Headquarters, 1100 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach.

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