Lizzy Dascal: An American in Hong Kong

Lizzy Dascal: An American in Hong Kong

“Beetle Sphere” by Ichaan Noor

I sat down with interior designer, art collector and art consultant Lizzy Dascal to get her take on Art Basel’s first show in Hong Kong this spring. In the process, I learned how this Miami Beach native is shaping the way people think about art collecting.

SM: Lizzy, thank you for sitting with me. I want to start with why you decided to attend this year’s Art Basel Hong Kong?

LD: Well, I thought the time was right with Art Basel taking the reigns. I think Asia is having a creative boom right now and it’s my job to meet dealers in person. Plus, with a destination so spectacular, I couldn’t resist. SM: What was different for you about this fair? Were you inspired?

LD: Yes, very much. It was amazing to see Asian art in a new way and understand their unique style. The fair is at a relatively early stage which reminded me a lot of how it was in Miami 10 years ago.

SM: Besides art collecting, what are your passions?

LD: Travel. I love seeing other cultures and really immersing myself.

SM: Describe your perfect traveling companion.

LD: I think you know this one Sonia, someone who prefers the aisle seat.

Lizzy Dascal: An American in Hong Kong

Lizzy Dascal at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) for Art Basel Hong Kong 2013

SM: Can you name a piece at this year’s art fair that really struck a chord with you?

LD: Really struck a chord? I guess “Beetle Sphere” by Ichaan Noor. I think the culture of transportation is fascinating and particularly relevant in my life. I think that piece inside a VW dealership might attract a few buyers. {laughs…}

SM: Yes, I think so too! If you had to sum up Art Basel Hong Kong in one word, what would it be?

LD: Ummm,…{laughs…}

SM: Okay, how about a sentence?

LD: That Chinese collectors have arrived. SM: While we’re on the subject, do you think Art is a suitable investment for young people?

LD: Yes. For sure. There are a lot of great buying opportunities for art lovers regardless of their budget.

SM: Is that where you come in? Do people generally have a hard time choosing what to buy?

LD: Well, yes and no. I think there are barriers which can be discouraging or confusing at first. Some pieces of art aren’t always sold to the highest bidder.

SM: Any advice for the new collector?

LD: To buy the best art you can afford. And like with anything, do your research. Check if an artist has had international exposure. Galleries are responsible for promoting artists so you just have to do your homework and be smart.

SM: Do you have a work mantra?

LD: Not sure if it’s a mantra but I try and really Listen…my clients will have their art for some time and I want them to be happy.

SM: What’s your life mantra?

LD: That relationships are the most important things in life and should be cherished above everything.

SM: Very artfully stated.

LD: Why, thank you! Sonia Melamed is the Chair of the Communications Committee, Arts & Culture Council. If you are interested in submitting an article, please send it to Sonia at

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