Meet DeAnne Connolly Graham Newly Appointed Chair of the Miami Beach Chamber Pillar Trustees

Meet DeAnne Connolly Graham Newly Appointed Chair of the Miami Beach Chamber Pillar Trustees

DeAnne Connolly Graham

ROI Media Consultants Inc., has reinvented the business of getting business for local companies. Founded in April by DeAnne Connolly Graham, ROI Media Consultants guide South Florida businesses with their advertising and marketing strategies. DeAnne believes in creating partnerships and strategic alliances rather than fearing competition, so she focuses on building a strong professional network through her extensive involvement with the community. DeAnne’s media partners include The Beach Channel, South Florida Luxury Guide, Lyoness Global Loyalty Card Program, and Comet Ads, among others. She also works with the Biscayne Lady Yacht Charters booking large corporate and group charters. A full outline of her services can be found on her website:

DeAnne is the newly appointed Chair of the Miami Beach Chamber Pillar Trustees after serving as the Vice Chair these past 4 years. She also serves as Chair for the chamber’s Women’s Business Council and is an active member of the Tourism & Hospitality Council, the Real Estate Council, and the Membership Committee. Outside of the Chamber, for the past 5 years, DeAnne has served as Chair of the Ayuda Foundation. Ayuda has been serving low income families in Miami for almost 35 years with child care services, teenage empowerment programs, family counseling services, and elder care services. In addition, DeAnne serves on the Executive Advisory Board for the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism, which prepares a diverse population of high school students for post-secondary education and careers in hospitality and tourism. DeAnne also serves on the Executive Board for the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Assoc. and is looking forward to lobbying Tallahassee and Washington next year on behalf of the industry. She is also an active member of the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Greater Miami & the Beaches Hotel Assoc., the South Florida Chapter of Meeting Professionals International, and various concierge groups throughout South Florida. DeAnne is also currently working with the Miami Arts Marketing Project Steering Committee, under the umbrella of the Arts & Business Council of Miami. Her media and advertising background comes from her work with Welcome Publishing Company for over 21 years, with the last 10 years as their Director of Sales & Marketing.

An outspoken advocate for organ donation, Graham became passionate about the cause after losing her husband 12 years ago in a tragic car accident. He became the largest organ donor in the history of Jackson saving the lives of 5 critically ill patients, and providing better quality of life for almost 40 other patients. Jackson Memorial maintains a tribute to Rodney Graham in their transplant unit.

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