Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce’s 2010 Membership Drive

The Captains of the membership drive- Starting from the left Jim Boucher, Aaron Perry, Jason Loeb, Michael Goldberg, Jerry Libbin and Ana Cecilia Velasco.

The Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce recently celebrated the commencement of the 2010 Membership Drive at the monthly Board of Governors meeting on Tuesday, August 3, 2010. The Membership Drive represents a friendly competition of four teams to obtain as many new Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce members as possible from August 3- October 5. The four teams consist of six captains, they are as follows: the Board of Governors team is lead by Chair- Elect Jason Loeb and current Chair Aaron Perry. The Pillar Board Team is headed by Pillar Chairman Michael Goldberg. The captain of the General Members is Jim Boucher. President and CEO of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce Jerry Libbin and Chief Operating Officer Ana Cecilia Velasco are co-captains for the Member Renewals Team. The team captains recently met at Norman’s, located at 6766 Collins Avenue, to discuss the rules and regulations of this exciting competition.
The Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce strongly believes in its motto “Experi

im Boucher and Michael Goldberg with some friendly competition

ence The Power of Membership.” With nearly 1,000 members, the Chamber contributes efforts to add value to each one by providing opportunities to network and build relationships at our Monthly Networking Events, Annual Events, Workshops, Informational Seminars, and Council Meetings. As a member, the Chamber also offers the ability to participate in the Miami Beach INcard Program, a value-added card given to residents, visitors, convention groups and Port of Miami cruise passengers, along with an opportunity to give your business maximum exposure and expand customer base. Through the 2010 Membership Drive, the Team Captains will collectively sign up new members to join in on the vast network of major businesses in the local community.
We encourage all parties interested in learning more on the “Power of Membership” to contact the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce for brochures on membership and sponsorship opportunities.
The Chamber’s office is located at 1920 Meridian Avenue and the primary phone number is 305-674-1300.

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