Miami Beach Yoga Centers: Ancient Relief for Modern Stress

Victoria Brunacci Director Synergy Yoga South Beach

Victoria Brunacci
Synergy Yoga South Beach

Modern stress- information overload, global warming, rising cost of living, etc. causes the inevitable question, “How can I attain stable happiness and good health in this crazy, unstable world? The answer, well, that’s easy… do Yoga! At Synergy Yoga in South Beach and Synergy Castle Beach, anyone can learn lots of 5,000 year old stress-busters, get massages, have their chakras balanced and soak in Miami’s famous Russian/Turkish Baths.

Yoga for better health is definitely on the rise in the US with numbers between 16 and 20 million Americans now doing it regularly. Studies has shown, and what people have know for thousands of years now, even a little Yoga can, among many other benefits, ease or erase back & neck pain, increase oxygen intake to inhibit the inevitable effects of aging and can even reprogram neuroligical wiring in the brain producing happier and calmer minds. “Yoga is such an amazing, all natural way to live a super-healthy, inspired life” says Synergy Yoga Director & Teacher, Victoria Brunacci. “by offering tons of yoga classes and healing arts like massage and energy balancing more people can get into a healthy lifestyle and keep it up and our community can grow stronger together because we’re here for each other!”

Synergy Center for Yoga and Healing Arts at 435 on charming Espanola Way for over 18 years is Miami Beach’s first and original Yoga Center. It offers up to 8 classes a day as low as $12 and also volunteer opportunities for work trades for in-depth Yoga workshops & trainings. There are different styles of Yoga and classes for beginners, kids and pregnant moms. Synergy is also provides private healing sessions in modalities such as Thai Massage, Reiki, Acupuncture and Breathing Instructions.

Synergy has produced and trained some Miami’s best Yoga Teachers and has hosted stretching & stress-busting yoga celebs such as Katie Kuruch, brothers Russell and Run (of Run DMC) Simmons and rock icon Lenny Kravitz among others.

If you’d like more information about Yoga and Synergy Yoga please contact Victoria Brunacci at 786-444-1817 or

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