Miami-Dade Superintendent of Schools Alberto Carvalho Named Florida’s Superintendent of the Year

Miami-Dade Superintendent of Schools Alberto Carvalho Named Florida’s Superintendent of the Year

Alberto Carvalho
Miami-Dade Superintendent of Schools

Miami-Dade Superintendent of Schools Alberto M. Carvalho was named Florida’s Superintendent of the Year recently by the Florida Association of District School Superintendents (FADSS). As Florida’s Superintendent of the Year, Carvalho will represent the Sunshine State for consideration as national superintendent of the year.

The announcement was made at the opening general session of the 68th Annual Joint Conference with FSBA, FADSS, FSBAA, FERMA, SUNSPRA, and FELL at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay Hotel. Carvalho served as keynote speaker for the event, using the theme “The Miami Miracle”, a phrase used nationally to describe the unprecedented academic turnaround of the country’s fourth largest school district.

“Those who choose the path as a public school superintendent do so not for the glory but rather the opportunity to make a positive difference in children’s lives, and Superintendent Carvalho has certainly proved this time and again as he has diligently worked to raise the educational bar for Miami-Dade County Public Schools,” stated FADSS Chief Executive Officer and Florida Senator Bill Montford. “Alberto is not only an exceptional superintendent with a proven track record of success; he is a true servant leader committed to educational excellence and he is very deserving of this award,” added Montford.

Carvalho, who has served as Miami Dade County Public Schools’ leader for five years, has consistently advocated for students across the state. He has taken on many issues including education funding, flexibility in the use of school dollars, school performance grades, and equality for English Language Learners, Exceptional Education Students, and children of undocumented parents.

Under Carvalho’s leadership, high schools that were threatened with closure by the state were transformed from D and F schools into A, B, and C schools, earning a visit from President Barack Obama and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. Through precision budgeting, art, music and language offerings flourished in Miami-Dade County’s schools while being cut by other districts. Carvalho successfully led a campaign for a $1.2 billion General Obligation Bond that will improve schools, provide new schools, and enhance technology. He was named by Scholastic Magazine as one of “The Fantastic Five” educators making a difference in America and has been honored repeatedly for his work in education and business management. Last year, Carvalho accepted the coveted 2012 Broad Prize for Education on behalf of the educators, parents and volunteers who helped close the achievement gap for Miami-Dade’s minority students.

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2 Comments on "Miami-Dade Superintendent of Schools Alberto Carvalho Named Florida’s Superintendent of the Year"

  1. Dade School Bullies | December 17, 2013 at 1:34 pm | Reply

    Congratulations superintendent Carvalho Really? "If Mr. Lee cannot guarantee the safety of any given individual at Norland and maintain institutional control will Norland be able to attract good teachers? If District administration cannot guarantee the safety of any given individual at Norland and maintain institutional control, then perhaps Superintendent Alberto Carvalho needs to seek assistance from the state and Governor Rick Scott to maintain a safe and secure learning environment. This is a disturbing trend. If the Miami-Dade school district cannot protect a whistle-blower then who will step forward to blow the whistle? This can send a chill throughout the Florida public education system."- FL: Miami-Dade school leadership shows poor track record with whistle-blower – Open letter from an education whistle-blower October 28, 2013 by Trevor Colestock-

  2. Liliana C. Perez | June 20, 2014 at 2:17 am | Reply

    I am disappointed the way they have made Mr Carvalho, Superintent of Florida State when he cannot control Miami-Dade County school administrators. My grandson goes to the worst bully school of Miami-Dade County, Winston Park Pre-K Center 8, 13200 SW 79 Street, Miami, fl 33183, under the administration of Dr. Raquel Alvarez Palletier. Since second grade my grandson have been bully by a group of five boys all same grades. We have done meetings with her because even one said "I dare you to get a gun and kill your family", all while this in Sandy Hook Elementary, innocent children were shot and kill. She said a investigation was being conducted, but never to be heard about the results. The insults were continue against my grandson's family. This year was the worst third grade year, where a boy from my grandson's class attack him physically in art class by grabbing his neck and choking with his hand. It was discourage to call and/or write a police report. We wrote to her Supervisor, Ms Helené Chait, South District and was said that a meeting with Mr. Alberto Carvalho, Superintent, Ms Chait and the Principal, Dr Palletier along with my grandson parents was going to take place before school ended. Results, no meeting took place and waiting, and to add insult towards the VICTIM they left the boy in school, instead of suspending him, and left him in the same home room class together.Those says almost ending the school year my grandson had to live in fear of getting physical attack. Nothing was done to insure the safety of my grandson at Winston Park Pre-K Center 8. I am trying to get Mr Alberto Carvalho email but to no vail. My grandson prays to God every night that this coming year in the fourth grade he does not be bother by these bully ever again.

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