New Company Goes Head to Head with

New Marketplace Puts Consumers Behind the Wheel

A new marketplace flips the bird to the traditional sales model, achieving startling growth and success in just a few months.
How can such a small company compete with Amazon, the #1 marketplace on the web?
The secret is no surprise: volume discounts. This ingenious company brings family, friends, and strangers together to lower prices. Unlike Groupon and other group buying sites, Acopoco customers can choose from 100,000+ products in a large-scale marketplace, not limited to the deal of the day.
“We are simply a tool for customers to team up and demand better prices from our sellers. The people determine the price, unlike Amazon,” Steven Stacy, CEO of Acopoco said.
Acopoco’s overnight success, with over a 6.4% conversion rate and network growth rate of 57%, is confirmation that early adopters like the new model. With a fresh approach to advertising, Acopoco decided to spend a big, fat $0 on big corporation advertising like Google AdWords and instead pays the customers to do all the advertising for them.
“Not only is what’s on sale determined by our members, but also who joins because it is all word of mouth marketing”, said Stacy. A creative new marketing strategy, the 3-2-1 Network Referral Program has created waves of online web shopping, allowing customers to earn money while they shop. To sum it up, a customer gets 3% of their referred friends’ purchases, 2% of all their friends’ referrals’ purchases, and 1% of all their friends’ referrals’ referrals purchases. That is 6% of every sale going into the customer’s pocket, which Acopoco can afford because they don’t pay advertisers.
“I was tired of big buck retailers pocketing my money for ads and overinflated profits.” Stacy said, “I thought, wouldn’t it be great if we could join forces to demand better prices as a team? We created a tool to accomplish just that.”
An army of thousands of customers come in the weapon of numbers to defeat giants like Amazon and eBay.
So will this tribal sounding site accomplish the unthinkable and compete shoulder to shoulder with a giant like Amazon?
Thousands have already joined this small tribe, taking supply and demand to entirely new dimension- demanding better prices, selection, and self-promoting to hold down costs.

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