On the beach — women mean business with a flair!

Susana Penaranda, WBC Liaison, DeAnne C. Graham, WBC Chair, Ellen Brazer, Lunch with a View committee Chair

On May 17th over 50 attendees participated in the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce Women’s Business Council’s first meeting under new council Chair DeAnne Connolly Graham, of Welcome & Bienvenidos magazine.  As Chair, Graham aspires to introduce various programs that are synonymous to the mission of the council itself. The newly formed advisory board of the Women’s Business Council comprised of dynamic and very savvy business women such as Deborah Shane, Ellen Brazer, Jay Jiggins, Dr. Jodi Stoner, Michelle Villalobos and Sabrina Badeaux,  has created a number of sub-committees that encourages networking opportunities, promotes women’s business and for all members to learn – all while having some fun!

Lunch with a View will be brought back to show insights from key women on a personal and intimate level. Team Building was developed as a social way to build lasting business relationships.  It was also suggested to develop Educational Workshops and continue with a series of poolside happy hour chats entitled Wine, Cheese & Expertise where women in the forefront of their fields can share experiences.

At a meeting recently held on June 21st, members enjoyed breakfast sponsored by Epicure as the chair of the Lunch with a View committee, Ellen Brazer, announced that the Women’s Business Council is excited to be bringing back the inspiring and very successful Lunch with a View series for 2011-2012. Her announcement was preceded by an educational presentation held by Tamolyn Hodge from Zam Zuu E-commerce. It is through similar activities the Women’s Business Council and its members strive to become a highly recognized and empowered group leading to enhanced quality of life and economic growth.

The mission of the Women’s Business Council of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce is to educate, empower, mentor and promote women’s businesses, projects and causes, while building membership for the Miami Beach Chamber.

The council meets every third Tuesday of every month from 8:30 – 10:00am. For more information, please contact Susana Peñaranda, Women’s Business Council Liaison at (305) 674-1300 or susana@miamibeachchamber.com.

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  1. As prominant women in Miami Beach, I admire your entrepeneuristic abilities and emplor your help,
    I am hoping this interview with Gov. Huckabee will touch your heart as I am searching for my daughter born in N Miami beach, adopted to a family possible in Miami.

    Please view & contact me via Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/pages/February-15-1975-b

    Thank you in advance for networking with me, God Bless each of you,

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