Poseidon: A Culinary Journey to Greece

Poseidon: A Culinary Journey to GreeceFor Demetrios and Vasilios Pyliotis, Greek food should be more than simply a great meal; it should be an experience; An experience of the true flavors from a region that produced some of the earliest culinary delights known to man.

From the lavraki, sinagrida and tsipoura, Greek fish imported from the Aegean Sea, to the kalamata olives flown in from the Pyliotis family’s own olive groves in Kalamata, Poseidon Restaurant and Outdoor Lounge offers the most authentic Greek fare that one will find throughout South Florida.

Greek civilization has influenced the development of democracy, theater, philosophy, medicine and mathematics, so it stands to reason that nutrition and food preparation are elevated and appreciated as an Art Form. Greeks appreciate a chef as much as a poet of Ancient times and admire both artists equally for their works of art.

The Pyliotis brothers longed to bring the true flavors of Greece to South Florida, opening Poseidon Greek Restaurant and Outdoor Lounge earlier this year. As the chef, Demetrios regards the preparation of a meal in much the same way a poet from ancient times would combine words to convey emotion and express meaning. He brings together the most authentic flavors of Greece to create a unique variety of foods, melding the native flavors, producing Grecian works of culinary art.

Adhering to authenticity in all of their menu items, Poseidon’s dishes are based on extra virgin Kalamata olive oil, krocus kozanis, a golden spice of Hellas, Greek yogurt, Mediterranean sea salt, wild fish egg caviar, pure honey and natural ingredients such as oregano, rosemary and thyme imported from the Taygetos Mountain of Kalamata.

One will rarely find another Greek restaurant that infuses the flavor of pure masticha in many of their dishes. Known as the “miraculous teardrop” of the mastic tree on the island of Chios, masticha is an aromatic resin renowned since ancient times for its beneficial and therapeutic properties. As one of the ingredients in Poseidon’s extraordinary lobster bisque, the subtle flavor of masticha makes this dish an experience to remember.

As one of the 12 Olympian deities of the pantheon in Greek mythology, Poseidon’s main domain is the ocean, and he is called the “God of the Sea.” It is fitting, then, that Poseidon Restaurant has established itself just steps from the ocean, in the heart of South Beach, creating a culinary journey to Greece.

Open for lunch and dinner, Poseidon Restaurant and Outdoor Lounge is located at 1131 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach. 305- 534-4434. www.PoseidonMiami.com

Kali oreksi – Bon appetite!

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