Preparing for a Storm: A Guide for Your Business

At FPL, we know the impact that a major storm can have on your business. We have a plan and urge you to prepare as well so you and your employees can get back to business safely and as quickly as possible. Below is a guide that we hope will help get you started:

• Ensure your employees’ contact information is up-to-date and that you have a plan in place to communicate after the storm passes.

• Determine if your business is in a flood and/or evacuation zone and review evacuation routes; identify an emergency temporary site.

• Identify what you need to secure your building or office.

• Review your insurance coverage; photograph or videotape your building or office – inside and out. BEFORE A STORM:

• Gather supplies to secure the exterior of your office and protect interior furniture.

• Fully charge all portable electronics.

• Make multiple back-ups of computer files and data, and store records off premises.

• Record a special voice message informing employees and customers the status of company operations.

• Close your offices with sufficient time to allow employees to secure their own homes; inform clients that you’re closing early and when you plan to reopen. AFTER A STORM:

• Watch for downed power lines. Call 911 or FPL at 1-800-4OUTAGE to report fallen power lines that present a clear and imminent danger to you or others. Do not attempt to touch any power lines. Always assume that every power line is energized.

• Stay connected with us, report an outage and get updates at , which is also accessible on mobile devices.

• In case of interior water damage, immediately turn off your circuit breakers, disconnect all electrical appliances and turn off all wall switches. Remember, never stand in water while operating switches or unplugging any electrical device.

• If you use a portable generator, read and follow all the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines.

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