‘Project Sticker Shock’ Campaign will target underage drinking

‘Project Sticker Shock’ Campaign will target underage drinkingLocal youth from the Miami Beach community will be working with the Miami Beach Coalition and local agencies to spread the “Sticker Shock” message throughout the south end of Miami Beach. They are working together to create a safer, healthier, drug-free environment and combat Miami Beach’s growing problem of underage drinking.

Alcohol has been identified as the #1 drug of choice for youth and among the easiest substances to obtain by minors. The Miami Beach Coalition is joining forces in “Project Sticker Shock,” a state-wide youth initiative created by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Commission’s Board, which has been used to educate the Miami Beach community in order to change adult attitudes about selling or providing drugs or drug paraphernalia to anyone, as well as cigarettes to those under the age of 18, and the selling, purchasing or serving of alcohol to anyone under age 21.

Partnering agencies including the Miami Beach Police Department, the Police Athletic League, and the Youth Directors Council will spread the “Sticker Shock” wave throughout the south end, alternating with the north end, throughout the year of Miami Beach by placing bold, colorful stickers and decals that stand out on multipacks of alcohol, glass refrigerator doors, and retailer windows for all to see as a strong reminder: Providing Alcohol to Minors is Illegal, Unhealthy, & Unacceptable!

“Project Sticker Shock” kicked off in Miami Beach’s south end at Miami Beach P.A.L. on December 1st, but people must not forget that providing alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, or paraphernalia to minors is against the law all year round. Underage drinking is not a teen problem, but a community problem. Adults, youth, law enforcement, and retail stores all need to be part of the solution.

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