Questioning Taxation

On Tuesday, August 14th Miami Beach voters passed a measure that raises the resort tax by up to one percent to fund renovations of the aging Convention Center. The monies raised are dedicated solely to improving this building. While many view this as a way to let tourist dollars pay for a more modern facility, others might see this as a counter measure to Genting’s proposed resort destination casino project. While Miami Beach politicos are staying in their no casino gaming foxhole, a brave number might have peeked out to survey the landscape and determined that something needed to be done. While Genting is stumbling their way to a gaming proposal either in the legislature or through a state- wide referendum, Miami Beach might have just fortified their castle. A new or renovated facility on the beach with or without a hotel component remains attractive to major gaming companies. Perhaps entirely by accident, beach voters might have left the door open to gaming. This might be one tax that pays dividends for years to come.See us on line at:

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