Regency Consulting Services builds ‘Championship’ Customer Service

Regency Consulting Services builds ‘Championship’ Customer Service

Daniel Sharon

What is the secret to creating a “WOW factor” that can turn customers into #1 fans? Just ask winning consultant/coach Daniel Sharon, who founded Regency Consulting Services with the goal to help premier clients raise the bar and exceed the highest levels of customer service.

Daniel Sharon explains, “After nearly four decades of specializing in the fields of luxury hospitality and upscale residential property management, I’m now focusing on providing diverse business sectors with customized leadership and teambuilding programs specifically designed to attain and maintain Excellence in Customer Service. All levels, ranging from senior executives and department heads – to service personnel can benefit from innovative and inspiring workshops, motivational oneon- one coaching sessions, mentorship as well as intense ‘wow factor’ generating training.”

Sharing his expertise, Daniel Sharon is dedicated to helping resorts, luxury high-rises and a myriad of other prestigious venues receive accolades for impressing the most discerning guests with 5-star hospitality and a lavish, luxurious lifestyle culture. His strategic game plan for building Championship Customer Service teams that will foster #1 fans is based on Regency Consulting Services’ cornerstone philosophies: “Success comes when everyone is working together toward a common goal and sharing a vision and drive for exceeding excellence every day.”

“My mission is to help clients hone in on unique customer needs, expectations, and desires in order to deliver even more of what they want most with courtesy, positive attitudes and respect. More often than not it’s the small stuff that can make a big difference. It’s essential to know how to build, empower and support an enthusiastic team. Remind them ‘your greatest asset is your own potential’ and encourage them to keep striving to make the best even better.”

“It’s great to have satisfied customers – but loyal, ‘#1 fans’ are the ones that will ensure virtually any business or enterprise can catapult over the competition. Team up with Regency Consulting Services and your team can become an unbeatable Champion of Excellence in Customer Service.”

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