Swiss Property Management: A New Level of Service


Swiss Property Management: A New Level of Service

Oliver Oberhauser

Swiss Property Management is an exclusive Property Management company for high-end residential home owners in the greater Miami Beach area. Swiss Property Management offers absentee home owner management, property management, investment property management, portfolio management, vacation rentals, supervision of construction, and concierge services.

From absentee home management to supervision of construction, no job is too small or too large. Oliver Oberhauser, president of Swiss Property Management, grew up in Switzerland in the hospitality industry, worked 20 years in the banking industry and has 10 years of experience in international real estate. As a result of Mr. Oberhauser’s background, his company maintains an exceptionally high level of customer service and organization.

Being Swiss and a former banker, Mr. Oberhauser understands the needs of the wealthiest clients, as well as how to work with and attract European investors in Miami. Swiss Property Management exudes reliability, professionalism and an understanding of the needs of wealthy people from around the world. Mr. Oberhauser is active in the community and he boasts a vast network of professional contacts. Swiss Property Management knows how to treat their clients— monitoring emails, answering phone calls and providing 24/7 availability; they listen to their clients. As their website states: “Swiss Property Management’s “Swissness” makes the difference in the level of service we provide.”

To explore how Swiss Property Management can serve you and your business, visit, follow them on Twitter at @SwissPropMgt, on facebook at SwissPropertyManagement, call them at (305) 777-2304 or schedule a meeting and visit them at their offices, located at 550 11th Street, Suite 202, Miami Beach, FL 33139.

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1 Comment on "Swiss Property Management: A New Level of Service"

  1. Nathalie Gooding | September 22, 2017 at 2:02 pm | Reply

    Swiss Property is NOT who they say they are. We hired them in January of 2017 to provide condo association management and they did next to nothing. What they did do was so below average it was basically useless. They didn’t collect fees or pay bills in a timely manner and when asked about it Oliver said it was “no big deal” and “not his fault”. What a joke! They present themselves as “high quality” but this couldn’t be further from the truth. They’re so proud and arrogant, they refuse to speak to you if you have a question or complaint. Only 3 and half months into the contract they terminated it!! Oliver complained he was losing money – well whose fault was that?? Frankly that claim was stunning since they didn’t DO much of anything! And I KNOW because, as the only resident board member, I had to do all the sh*t they couldn’t or wouldn’t do. It was a mess and a really painful experience.

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