The Arts and Culture Council proudly announces the Wyland Project

Vice-Chair of the Arts and Culture Council, Miami Beach Chamber Pillar Member The new Arts and Culture Council is planning an exciting initiative that exemplifies our mission to enrich and elevate the success of arts and culture in the community through proactive communication and leadership.

Jerry Libbin, President and CEO of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce and Miami Beach Commissioner, had a fortuitous encounter with internationally renowned marine artist “Wyland” in Key West last fall. A force of nature, Wyland has achieved impressive success on many levels –from his beautiful artwork portraying idyllic oceanic scenes, to creating a significant foundation that promotes water conservation worldwide. Widely recognized for his large-scale murals, Wyland has painted over one hundred of them which are installed across the globe. His work is held in private collections and public places in over one hundred countries. His public works are viewed by an estimated one billion people each year.

The Wyland Foundation is joining forces with the Arts and Culture Council, and the Miami Dade public schools to create and exhibit a ten by ninety foot panel, comprised of two pieces. The educational component is key – each of the six Miami Beach public schools will participate, with the fourth-grade students helping paint the murals during a two-day period, May 3rd and 4th. This work will be painted live at 420 Lincoln Road, in front of the FIU College of Architecture and the Arts, which is presided over by Dean, and our Arts and Culture Council Chair, Dr. Brian Schriner.

We are greatly appreciative of this partnership, in particular as the artist and his Foundation team are generously supporting our mission, and are donating much of their personal time, talent and project costs.

This project will achieve many wonderful benefits- not only the involvement and education of the Miami Beach students, but it will create a means to raise funds for three pertinent charities –each of which will receive one third of the revenues. The proceeds of the sale of the two (10 x 45 feet) panels will provide an important source of income – and represent a huge commemorative aspect of the project.

In conjunction with the important educational component of this art project is a creative conservation element. Miami Beach schools will also take part in the Wyland Foundation’s water conservation platform- whereby during the month of March, the students will work in their science class to collect and conserve rain water- in water barrels decorated with a Wyland design.

We are excited and proud to work with Wyland and his Foundation – with the hopes that more of our children will nurture their artistic talents, and learn the important lessons of conservation. These sensibilities will continue to preserve and enhance positive values in our community- art and conservation, without which the future of our planet is not possible!

The survival of the planet is undeniably linked to our conservation efforts today. And, throughout history, civilizations are largely remembered by their architectural and cultural creations. What two lessons could be more important to teach and motivate our children?

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