The enjoyment of practicing law on Miami Beach

By Ira Lessfield

Ira Lessfield

For three decades, Leesfield & Partners has maintained an active litigation practice with emphasis on personal injury claims in Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties, with offices in Miami and Key West.
About five years ago, the opportunity to network and expand the practice of law on Lincoln Road and South Beach became apparent as some good lawyer friends on Miami Beach began including us as co-counsel in their personal injury matters.
At the same time, trial lawyers from around the country expanded their search for South Florida lawyers to assist in cases with venue in Miami Beach.  Our $10.5 million settlement, in conjunction with one of Miami Beach’s most prominent law firms, made it even more apparent that the business opportunities to work with Miami Beach lawyers was growing.  Of course, this also included an active membership in the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce where our firm already had a large number of friends and business associates. Partner Alexander Perkins is now an officer in the Miami Beach Bar Association which is attended regularly by all the partners in the firm at monthly meetings.
On November 12, 2008, Leesfield & Partners led by Patricia Kennedy, Mark Sylvester and Tom Scolaro, hosted the “Red Umbrella Block Party” for friends, merchants, professionals and lawyers on South Beach.  Over 200 people attended our Segafredo Cafe late night dessert party which turned into an important event for lawyers in different practice areas to meet and exchange ideas in business.
In 2010, our firm offices in the SunTrust Building received an added boost with a number of contacts from outside Florida and, in particular, from the United Kingdom. Miami Beach is a destination of beauty, interest and a family resort location. Our firm is very proud of its active membership in the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce and the friends we have made through its pillar membership. Partner Ira Leesfield now serves on the Board of Governorss for the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce and has continued the firm’s involvement in all major activities and events.
We are very proud of our membership in the Miami Beach Bar Association, the Miami Chamber of Commerce, and our affiliation with Miami Beach professionals, merchants and lawyers.

For further information on Leesfield & Partners with offices in Miami Beach, Central Florida, Key West and Miami, please go to Of course, you can call at any time 305/854-4900 or toll free 800/836-6400.

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