The $outh Florida Gaming Report-Feedback WantedThe $outh Florida Gaming Report-Feedback Wanted

The $outh Florida Gaming Report-Feedback WantedFor over a year now I have been trying to inform residents of Miami Beach about the goings on in the South Florida gaming arena. Much has happened and there is much more to come.

The annual “push” for more gaming will be a topic for discussion at the upcoming legislative session. As a beach resident I share the concerns of other’s as to the impact additional gaming will have on us.

Will a land based casino in Miami have a devastating effect upon our business community? Are we better off with gaming on the Beach? Can we fight off all the mega-casino operators with an eye on Miami? It is expected the 2013 legislature will appoint a gaming panel to study the current situation statewide and make recommendations to the full legislature.

The most important information I would like to solicit from you are your opinions. Please send me your comments on gaming and any other related topics to .

What truly matters most is what the residents and business owners feel will enhance the lifestyle and the viability of living and working on Miami Beach. The two go hand in hand. I look forward to reading your observations and answering any questions you might have.

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  1. Florida needs to come into the 21st century, We are no longer a small town.
    Gaming will enhance our tourist base, and bring with it a lot of revenue that Miami/Dade will benefit by. If we can spend $$$$$$$'s on a huge stadium for the Marlins why not bring in more gambling and hotels to house all the Heat, Marlins and Dolphins fans. I see this as a win win situation, The old folks who don't want it will never go there anyway, so lets grow with future citizens.

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