The $outh Florida Gaming Report Is it really big and bad?

Isadore Havenick

On March 31st Gulfstream Park played host to the running of the Florida Derby featuring Union Rags the early favorite for the Kentucky Derby.

The day featured racing, a concert, and yes gambling in the casino. On March 31st Magic City Casino presented a Wheelin Dealin Food Fest featuring over 20 twenty gourmet food trucks. The night also included a concert by Smash Mouth and Sister Hazel. Oh and yes if you wanted to play a slot machine or roulette you had the opportunity. On March 31st Casino Miami Jai-Alai had a slightly delayed grand opening featuring a car giveaway and a performance by Carlos Oliva. Yes good citizens there were also slot machines available for play.

What have casinos brought to Dade and Broward counties?

On March 31st they brought gourmet food, championship thoroughbred racing, concerts by nationally known artists, promotional giveaways, and the opportunity to try your luck at a game of chance. I would hasten to point out that these games of chance generally pay back over ninety percent of the money put in the machines.

When was the last time the lottery paid you back ninety percent of your investment?

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