This Week in BeachWitch Way: Eco-Friendly Transportation

Beach witch pictureBeachWitch Way is the ‘Green’ path for the best local eco-friendly services, sustain- able products, and community happenings in Miami. This week, in light of the recent Boat Show, we have directed our focus towards eco-friendly transportation. As BeachWitch flew around the city, she was elated at all the ‘Green Magic’ unfolding here and wanted to share it with you!

Did you know that 2-stroke marine engines and gas powered scooters can pol- lute up to 5 times more than SUVs?! While once a popular means of exploring the beach, it is now evident how destructive these vehi- cles are to our environment over time. It is no surprise that carbon emission levels have risen severely within the Earth’s atmosphere at an unprecedented rate — the implications of which are daunting at best. As global population increases, and fossil fuels contin- ue to be utilized abundantly, it is equally evi- dent that we must all embrace ‘greener’ tech- nologies if we hope to have any chance of a sustainable future. Luckily, more eco-friendly modes of transportation are developing around the world and Miami is no exception.

Here are some great green ways to explore the magic of our beautiful beach paradise (and they all come with a free gift — fresh air!): – the Official Miami Beach Bike Sharing & Rental Program. This is simply one of the easiest means to grab & go and has been an overwhelming success for guest and residents alike all over Miami Beach. – has been involved in Kitesurfing since the beginning of the sport. They have a certified kite school with trained experts and simply the finest equipment around. Paddleboards are also available for rent. – your #1 spot for Kayak rentals and sales. Hosting sunset cruises, moonlight trips, and group tours, it is fun for one and all! Paddleboards are also available for rent. – Flag down one of the great GEM Electric Cars, hop in, and enjoy the FREE ride and fresh air! Simply tip the drivers when finished. Advertisers write to for more information. – Private sailing tours including transportation, sight-seeing, and anchoring points tailored to your interest. Sail aboard the Colomba – an impeccably maintained 2007 Beneteau 343 and enjoy a magical day at sea!

The Alton/West Loop Trolley: a new free trolley bus that serves Alton Rd and West Ave between 5th St. and Lincoln Rd. “to help you get to Alton Rd and West Ave businesses” during the FDOT construction project of the same streets.

Bike & Roll for Segway Rentals at– for the ultimate in personal individual transport and group touring. Art Deco Tours available and includes all: history, culture, nature, architecture, beach fun, and good times all over SoBe! – the highest safety rating in America, all electric emission free driving, and overall incredible style, check out the incredible showroom at 515 Lincoln Road. Experience the magic for yourself and enjoy!

In closing, I am also excited to announce that The Electric Bicycle Store on Alton Road is soon to re-emerge from a recent renovation and resume full operations in the next few weeks. As you may recall, this landmark venue was nearly completely destroyed by a terrible fire almost two years ago, and yet it has managed to survive and thrive. Owners Mark Lechter and Scott Balson have been instrumental in introducing Miami Beach to the wonders of emission-free electric cycling. Mark and Scott have managed to bring the highest quality bikes to South Beach and have raised the bar of customer service in this city. We are excited to hear that they will be introducing rentals through their newest venture A2B Bikes will now be available for rent and are delivered to your apartment or hotel with convenience and ease. Check out the store inventory at to view the incredibly large array of premium electric bicycles and leave the car in the garage!

For more ‘Green Magic’ visit us at www.BeachWitch.Com or send your tips, events, or anything else EcoFriendly to Billie@BeachWitch.Com. BeachWitch is the EcoFriendly Concierge TM of Miami deliv- ering the best of South Beach to you! We hope you enjoyed traveling with us down BeachWitch Way today and wish you a happy, healthy and sustainable future filled with magic!

Regards, Billie the BeachWitch

The Sustainable Business Council of the MB Chamber of Commerce will meet on April 1st, from 8:30-10 am within the cham- ber offices at 1920 Meridian Ave. This com- mittee actively works to improve our community’s quality of life by promoting actions that protect our environment, while promot- ing energy independence, greater utilization of cost-efficient and energy-efficient tech- nologies, and sustainable long-term growth. Led by Brian Scheinblum of Cambean Hospitality, these meetings envision an environmentally responsible, healthy and prosperous community that embraces sus- tainable tenets in all aspects of our lives. If you or your business is passionate about the environment, the council would love to hear from you.

For more information contact the MB Chamber at (305) 674-1300 and get involved today!

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