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BeachWitch Way is the ‘Green’ path for the best local eco-friendly services, sustainable products, and community happenings in Miami. As BeachWitch flew around the city, she certainly built up an appetite exploring all the ‘Green Magic’ unfolding here. Therefore, it is only fitting that we direct our focus towards food!

BeachWitch was thrilled to be invited for a groundbreaking discussion about the need for the creation of a specialty foods business incubator—the first of its kind in our city— with local organic and specialty food company owners and sustainable business development leaders. The idea to gather at a local coffee shop, round up a group of enterprising individuals and discuss this possibility was the brainchild of Austin Allen, Owner of TioFoods. Allen recently introduced a tantalizing array of artisanal gourmet Gazpachos made with all natural organic ingredients to the Miami scene and knows firsthand how difficult it can be to bring a new product to the marketplace, even when it is loved and well received. (Check out www.TioGazpacho.Com to learn more about this terrific local business, but be warned… once you try it you will need to consume it constantly!) The fact that he was able to gather over 20 local businesses at 10am on a Saturday morning is a testament itself to his tenacity!

As you may know, this type of incubator has nothing to do with aiding newborns, but rather by assisting small artisanal specialty food businesses in their infancy to develop, grow, and prosper. Utilizing shared resources, industrial kitchen workspaces, and the guidance of ‘seasoned’ professionals (forgive the pun) allows entrepreneurs to have a supportive and nurturing environment to bring their ‘babies’ to market. Such an undertaking in Miami would help encourage small businesses to build their brands and aid in the development of their products with shared resources, business mentoring and community support.

Together these forces combine to facilitate a viable path for new specialty food ventures — such a facility can truly be an incredible asset to startups with incredible products, but have limited funding or business savvy. Many successful incubators have already launched countless specialty food businesses and we hope one can establish itself here in Miami!

In attendance were many different companies ranging from Organic produce suppliers to gluten free bakers to all-natural juice enterprises mixed with community business development and planning leaders. Among attendees were: Linsday Scherr, of www.EndlesslyOrganic.Com (delivering organic produce all over Miami), Mario Yanez, Executive Director of www.Earth-Learning.Org, (who heads a collective to encourage sustainable practices with ecological learning experiences), Rachel Richardson of (currently advocating an organic rating system), Tracy Night, CEO of (for gluten-free diabetic-friendly treats-amazing!), Loren Pulitzer, Owner of www.Simply-Sharo ’ (you must try here gluten-free cookies!), just to name a few. We will most definitely keep you posted as to what develops here!

BeachWitch must also thank Trade Show Event Planning and Marketing Guru Betsy Earle, CEO of Event Driven Solutions for getting us to the meeting that day as our broomstick was on the fritz that morning!) Ms. Earle is one of the pre-eminent masters of event planning with some of the highest certifications in her field, whom has extensive experience in specialty foods and hospitality services. We are elated that she is working towards incorporating more ecofriendly practices at all her events! From small venues to large convention centers, Earle and Event Driven Solutions set a new standard for trade show planning and surpasses it every time. When your event needs to be perfect, there is only one choice —

While we speak of the availability of healthy foods and eco-friendly practices, we must point out H.U.M.A.N. Vending Machines — one of the greatest small business franchises sweeping the nation and making their presence known here in Miami! The concept is simple:

1) Select an incredibly healthy array of packaged foods specifically chosen by your group.

2) Place them in eco-friendly vending machines that use 50% less energy than standard vending machines via advanced insulation, LED lighting and innovative technology.

3) Add top-notch service and hassle-free setup.

4) Donate a 10% of the profits towards fighting child obesity and malnutrition.

Surely this is the embodiment of ‘Green Magic’ and we are thrilled to spread the word about them! Visit the H.U.M.A.N. group at www.HealthyVending.Com or email the local Miami rep. Mario.Murillo at to learn more about this great “must have” machine for your hotel or office!

Lastly, as we start the New Year, BeachWitch would like you to consider making more eco-friendly choices this year… whether it’s by purchasing more sustainable and organic products, encouraging environmentally sound practices or simply reducing the amount of plastic that you use. Together we can all make a difference. For more ‘Green Magic’ visit us at www.BeachWitch.Com or send your tips, events, or anything else EcoFriendly to Billie@BeachWitch.Com. We hope you enjoyed traveling with us down BeachWitch Way today and wish you a happy, healthy and sustainable future filled with magic!

Season’s Greetings,

Billie the BeachWitch

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