This Week on BeachWitch Way: Global Warming

This Week on BeachWitch Way: Global WarmingLast week, 24 Congressmen stated that they believe global warming, and its impact on climate change, brought about by human behavior is an enormous hoax committed this by scientists…. I don’t even know where to begin. Let me repeat that— scientists in a conspiracy to commit fraud against the nation.

This is not only despicable, it is a downright travesty perpetrated by people we have elected to protect us and an affront to anyone with any semblance of intelligence. This isn’t about politics or blame… this is about stupidity. To even suggest such a hoax, signals a deficiency of character and a clear misunderstanding of what science is. Science does not start out with a certainty, it begins with an idea and then begins to intelligently experiment, review, and examine that idea until a consensus of scholars either agree or disagree with the original premise. The notion that any scientist just willingly accepts a concept without substantial facts or examination is completely preposterous. It is an anathema to the very essence of the scientific method and is in complete opposition to the very nature of what scientists devote their lives to — Truth. Any scientist will gladly agree that they absolutely live to disprove a hypothesis that they do not agree with — moreover, it is inherent in the core of scientific examination that false theories are discarded in order to make way for factually evident proofs.

Between 2012 and 2013 over 2250 articles were written and peer reviewed by over 9100 scientists. Only one author rejected this concept of man-made global warming in spite of the vast array of various experiments, data, and observations. One. If these officials believe there is a hoax, where is there evidence? Why hasn’t anyone published any papers and had them peer reviewed? To what end would any such ‘hoax’ achieve? Reduced foreign oil dependency? Cleaner air and water? Less pollution?

NO scientist disputes that climate change is cyclical and has been occurring since the planet formed around 13.5 billion years ago. If we simply want to review one element of this problem I ask you all to look at the arctic ice samples. You know… when scientists drill down tubes into the ice miles deep and extract a time capsule of events of Earth. This gives them an extremely clear idea of conditions on Earth since the polar caps first formed. Layer by layer, year by year, they are able to ACCURATELY examine the elements present in our atmosphere and the effect upon the environment. Skeptics are right about one thing… climate change is cyclical, it does fluctuate. However the ACTUAL science tells us that we should be in a cooling trend, not a warming one. It tells us that we are approaching a level of carbon in our atmosphere that warmed our planet millions of years ago and nearly wiped out 95% of species on our Earth. It tells us that the amount of carbon that we have added to our atmosphere in the last 100 years is unprecedented in such a relatively short amount of time — and is DIRECTLY a result of man-made processes and industries that have arisen in our post-Industrial age. This is but one source of evidence from merely the tip of the melting iceberg of information available to our modern society as the result of careful, tedious, examination and study by the world’s leading scientists.

These congressmen would rather put us back in the dark ages while the rest of the world passes us by with cleaner technologies, improved economies, and sustainable practices. The U.S.A. created the ‘green’ energy industry only to see the rest of the world capitalize on it. Why do they not want to free our nation from a limited supply of fossil fuels and foreign energy dependence? Why do they think that 6 billion people on the planet have had no impact on a closed system?

BeachWitch is completely and utterly disgusted by this assault upon the intelligence of the American people and we simply will not stand for it anymore. We ask you to join us in helping to create a sustainable Miami, a prosperous USA, and a planet that can continue to thrive for generations to come. We must all come to realize that we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. This has never been truer.

Regards, Billie the BeachWitch

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