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TIPS FOR THE HOLIDAY... market info and techno gadgetsAre you in the market for a new home? Have you thought about purchasing land and building your dream home or possibly taking on a major tear-down/rebuild renovation? Rising costs could play an important consideration in your decision. This past year’s new home construction ended with a robust rebound since the housing slump, with lumber and cement costs rising considerably.

According to the Associated General Contractors of America, the cost of interior walls for new homes has increased between November of 2011 and November 2012 significantly to 14%. Suppliers of drywall prices have notified the building industry that prices may jump an additional 30% in 2013. The cost pressure is coming from suppliers and labor, which will in turn, create a price increase to cover the costs. This trend began in 2012 and will be on the upswing in 2013. In addition to the cost increases the gain in prices is also affected by the home construction industry’s attempt to rebuild profit margins. Profits were at an all time low and businesses are now trying to regain their margins.

The benefits of purchasing existing inventory are unmatchable. The beauty of Miami Beach and the varied options for luxury living are exceptional. The waterfront and ocean inlet areas provide a broad range of beautiful condominiums – The Portofino Towers … Murano and Portofino, the ICON, The Murano Grande, The Apogee, The Continuum buildings I and II… are just a few of the treasures of the South Beach waterfront.

Another very unusual and exciting option is the Porsche Design Tower Miami:

“Defining a new paradigm, Porsche Design has been an important key player in shaping and defining new trends for four decades, now Porsche Design is applying their sophistication in design into setting a new paradigm in luxury living. Renowned developer Michael and Gil Dezer of Dezer Development has teamed up with Porsche Design to craft a masterpiece of luxury oceanfront real estate that is not only raising the bar as to what ‘luxury living’ entails but also completely redefining the standards by which other competitors are measured. The result of this collaboration is an exceptional architectural concept that has not been seen and a first of its kind. A combination of timeless architecture lines with Porsche Design’s roots in automotive engineering. In every residence’s design concept, car elevators play a central role. The idea: seamless transition between outer world and living environment. For expectations that go beyond exclusivity. An exclusive collection of 132 oceanfront sky residences; consisting of flats and doubleheight layouts, expansive living balconies with sweeping Ocean and Intracostal vistas. Floor-to-ceiling glass throughout and every imaginable luxury within.”

Interested in a single family home? The incredible range of unique architecture from Art Deco, Streamline Modern, and Nautical Modern to Mediterranean Revival and Eclectic mid century Tudor style … so much incredible character and history to choose from in your next home purchase.

Making your list and checking it twice … ? You better watch the market as luxury homes are selling fast – prices are on the rise as availability shrinks in numbers

 Add technology tools to your list. There are many new technologies available to realtors today. Magic Plan enables the smart phone camera to create floor plans, calculate dimensions, arrange the rooms on a grid and send to contacts. Videloicious provides video shooting and editing capabilities that include narrations, captions and slide shows. 360 Panorama shoots pictures at specific intervals and combines into one file. Property Evaluator sets up information in a template to create a property evaluation that can be emailed to clients.

The technology tools are there to help you find your dream home …

Happy Holidays!

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