UNIDAD of Miami Beach, Inc. The Customer and You Program

UNIDAD customer and You Program participants

The Customer and You Program is an innovative training program organized by UNIDAD of Miami Beach, Inc. and delivered by instructors from Florida International University who provide customer training to the staff of local businesses, particularly those serving tourists and visitors. The trainings motivate employees to provide the highest level of customer service. Trainings take place at the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce, hotels, restaurants, the Miami Beach Career Center and other local businesses. The program serves to train local business employees to enhance the perception visitors have of Miami Beach. This training is free of charge to Miami Beach hospitality employees.

The Customer and You Program is funded by the Miami Beach Visitor & Convention Authority’s Tourism Advancement Program.

The program provides training to some 420 participants annually. To date, thousands of Miami Beach employees from dozens of local businesses have received The Customer and You Program training.

With this program, UNIDAD of Miami Beach, Inc., aims to make employees more competitive in the workplace by enriching their employability and skills and to help make Miami Beach a destination remembered not only for beaches and palm trees, but also for incredible customer service! Participating businesses gain a reinforced understanding of the importance of customer service to their business and to the broader community.

COURSE SESSIONS INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING TOPICS: • How to develop a customer service guide for your organization • How to manage attitudes and emotions to ensure consistent positive and excellent service • Turn customer complaints into profits • Advance your service and attitude skills • Mastering the art of making a good impression • And many other services and skills In addition to the already scheduled dates, if an organization has 20 or more participants, UNIDAD will bring the seminar to you!

To sign up for the program or for more information, contact Raymond Adrian, Director of Operations, at 305- 867-0051 or radrian@unidadmb.org. or www.unidadmb.org

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