Where to find ‘original live music’

Where to find ‘original live music’It seems to me that the more I ask about where to find some “original” live music in our great city, the fewer responses I get. It seems to me that it takes a minute or two to recall a venue or a location that will host original live music. I strongly believe this can change.

As a local musician in one of the greatest towns on this side of the Mississippi River, where is the legendary LIVE MUSIC status that Miami Beach once had? Was it even original music?

As I have researched, once upon a time here on this young and wild island, we had plenty live music performances. Every block, every street, every bar and yes, even the clubs had live music. Groups would perform classic songs but STILL would be able to perform their originals.

Well, as a local musician and music enthusiast, I am happy to report to the people of Miami Beach that they have a new spot that will begin hosting live music on a more consistent basis: The Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

Where to find ‘original live music’Thanks to the powers that be, like Garden Director Cindy Brown, on Sunday, May 25th, we are hosting a live music event showcasing six original bands from the local Miami Beach area. This event starts at 1pm and there is no cover. We will have food vendors and a farmers market setup. We also will feature the local Drum Corps and Color Guard to honor the Memorial Day weekend extravaganza. We encourage all our fantastic locals to join us as we try to create a new movement for live original music on Miami Beach. Save the date: May 25th!”

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