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Owners of AAA Miami Locksmith, Diego Castro with his wife Maria Guadamuz

1.) Where did you grow up? How long have you lived in the area?

I grew up right here, in the heart and soul of Miami. I have lived here since I was just 4 years old; I’ve lived here for over 20 years. Many things have changed since then, but I love Miami its beaches and great warm summer sun and that is why I opened my business here, back in 2004.

2.) Tell us about the events that led up to where you are now…. (Where did you go to school, what has been your career path?)

My tale is nothing short of a Cinderella story; only difference is that I was the knight in shining armor in mine.

I was just 17 years old and attending Miami Springs Sr. High. On one fine day as I drove from school to meet up with an old friend I was forced to stop at a traffic light, and as I looked over my shoulder I saw the most amazing hazel eyes looking back at me. We drove for about a mile and I realized that he wasn’t making a move anytime soon; he wasn’t even winking at me! How dare him! Oh, and my stop was coming up soon, so, I had to something, and I did, I did what every respecting 17 year old girl would have done. I ran him off the road!!!!! Of course I apologized, but not before I got his phone number. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s when my locksmith career began, you see, my husband Diego Castro was working as a locksmith at the time. After dating for a while, we decided to open our very own locksmith business, AAA Miami Locksmith Inc.

3.) What sets us apart from the rest?

You will always see me and my husband head on in front of our business, we love to know our customers first hand, and we take pride in knowing each and everyone on a first name basis. We strive to provide the best service possible because we LOVE what we do. On the other hand, let me ask you this! Have you ever seen a female, 25 year old model, and locksmith? I didn’t think so! That sets us apart.

4.) What advice can I offer the residents?

Keep your privacy, private! Do not allow anyone to invade your personal space, your home, and by this I mean; you must secure your door with high security locks, not any lock, but locks that can’t be bumped or picked like Medeco. If possible, visit the following site; and search for bumped keys.

5.) What else we should know about you, your family or your business?


Midtown: 3501 NE 2 Ave

Miami, FL 33137

P 305.576.9320 • F 305.576.9321 •

Well, am honored to say, that I just became a mom for the very first time. It’s had its definite challenges, but also rewarding benefits. Being a mother and running a full blown business is really tough not to mention challenging. What we do, not only does it demand a great deal of our time but also a lot of work and sweat is put into every job done by our technicians.

I care for my son; I realize that the most important thing to me is his safety and security. Our future is anything but certain, therefore; now, more than ever I will push harder for my customers to secure themselves for the sake and security of their loved ones. Our company has not grown due to our constant advertising but, due to our clients of which, we, the company, have built long and lasting relationships. “Your security is my Priority”.

6.) What message do you want to give the residents?

We at AAA Miami Locksmith not only make every effort for the safety of our customers, but, we also help our environment by using a 95% recyclable and Eco Friendly vehicle like the Smart car.

7.) What else should you know about me?

Call me, I am a name you can trust every day of the week.

AAA Miami Locksmith

3501 NE 2nd Ave / Miami, Fl 33137

(305) 576.9320 PH • (305) 576.9321 FX

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