Code Enforcement or Code Harassment

Junk, trash and debris, faded, mildewed, peeling, discolored paint on houses, and storing of commercial vehicles in residential areas are just a few of the violations that code enforcement officers have to deal with on a daily basis.

But many of our citizens in the City of Miami Gardens seem to think that the code enforcement department is just here to harass them and collect money. That is the furthest thing from the truth. In a perfect world we would love to just inform the citizen of the violation and hope to get compliance without having to issue a fine. Unfortunately in order to get some of the property owner’s [p/o] attention we have to go into the civil violation stage. The number one goal of code enforcement is compliance.

Once a violation is discovered the property owner is given a reasonable amount of time to come in to compliance. If needed the p/o can request additional time to correct the violation. Because the number one goal is compliance we usually grant the request. If for some reason the p/o doesn’t comply then we issue a civil violation notice.

The best way to inform the city of what we expect is to educate them. And some of the ways that we do that is by attending community association meetings, informing the public by mail every time a new ordinance is added, and the cities’ website is readily available to everyone. The city is less than 10 years old, but the community has been here for years. We know it’s not going to happen overnight, but If we can work together and not against each other, we will continue to build one of the most beautiful cities in Florida.

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2 Comments on "Code Enforcement or Code Harassment"

  1. whatever…I still don't see how code enforcement has a right to harass people over some grass, weeds, flowers, old cars, or stuff unless it poses a clear and present danger to people outside the property or minors within the property. Miami Gardens sounds Nazi to me. What's next, forcing everyone to get plastic surgery so Miami Gardens can be more beautiful?

  2. Yeah I understand that we have to keep the city clean and stuff, but I just moved and got 3 violations because Im trying to make my house look good. I trimmed some trees and Im waiting for the large pick up garbage truck I requested; therefore I got a violation warning because all that garbage is outside. Another one was because there are tree leaves around the property and the other because of my commercial truck which I will remove. Too much!

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