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Home Depot Community Grant assists CMG Parks & Recreation Department with completing the Senior Residential Beautification Project

This past summer the City of Miami Gardens Parks and Recreation Department was awarded the Home Depot Senior Residential Beatification Project Grant to refurbish two (2) senior citizen homes within the City of Miami Gardens.

Interested seniors were required to complete an application, provide a current income statement, and an assessment of their home. The Parks and Recreation and Public Works staff focused on restoring recipients landscaping, planting, painting, plastering, disposal of litter, and pressure cleaning of the homes. Staff received twenty (20) applications and of those applications, staff assessed the urgency of care, mobility and economic status of the homeowner. After the assessment was completed, two (2) residents received the good news that their homes were selected for this project.

Seniors and community homeowners volunteered their time to assist with this project under the supervision of Parks and Recreation Staff. All volunteers and staff members worked together and create a stronger community in improving living conditions and added value to their individual communities.

The City of Miami Gardens Parks and Recreation Department is continuing our efforts to Create Community Through People, Parks and Programs!

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