Lower Flood Insurance Rates for Miami Gardens Residents and Business

By M.Gambino, CFM….
The City of Miami Gardens is proud to announce that we have improved our rating in the nationwide Community Rating System Program (CRS)! The CRSis part of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), and is designed to reward communities that provide flood protection above and beyond the minimum standards of the NFIP. By conducting these activities citizens are rewarded with reduced flood insurance premiums. While the CRS program has a starting rating of 10, which means no flood insurance discount, Miami Gardens was able to enter the Program in May 2009 at a rating of 7, which translates to a 15% discount on flood insurance policies for those with policies in flood zones.

By continuing to find ways to better protect our residents and businesses from flood damage, Miami Gardens recently achieved a Rating of 6 in the CRS Program. This means that, for residents and businesses living and operating in flood zones in our City, a 20% discount on flood insurance premiums is now availablefor flood insurance policies! Residents that are not in flood zones also can receive a 10% premium discount!

Our Public Works Department is committed to continuing these flood protection activities, to improve the quality of life for residents, to reduce flood damage in our city, and to provide continual monetary savings for residents and businesses in the City of Miami Gardens!

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  1. James L. Pasley | June 3, 2016 at 5:27 pm | Reply

    I need information on flood insurance for my home.Do I need an Elevation certificates.
    What do you mean by low flood insurance?
    I need this information asp.

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