Planting Seeds

The Tenth Anniversary slogan for the City of Miami Gardens is “Cultivating Possibilities.”

It is a fitting theme for many of the events which have and are about to take place within the City. Miami Gardens is VIBRANT and GROWING due to the many seeds which have been planted along the way, carefully watered, tended to and cared for. Many of those seeds are now sprouting; literally and figuratively.

The opening of the new LEED Platinum Certified Municipal Complex is within sight. The state-of-the-art facility shows the World what is possible when a community focuses on a Green future.

After fifteen years of hard work and dedication to a cause, Scott Lake Elementary School is now able to showcase a World-Class Botanical Garden. Our students now have the opportunity to compete with the best and brightest in the fields of science and botany and experience environmental sustainability in action.

The digital age is in full swing as is Miami Gardens. Visit our Facebook page, our Twitter feed and our YouTube Channel as we continue to grow and connect with a broader audience.

It’s not every day Miami Gardens students travel overseas to Africa; mixing and mingling with foreign heads of state in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Diplomatic and cultural ties are being strengthened. Our ties to the Mother-Land are stronger than you might imagine. Thanks to a progressive and creative Parks and Recreation horticulture team, Scott Park is home to what many call “The Tree of Life.”

Drive through the City and you can’t help but notice new construction taking place, improved streets and walkways; and the arrival of several exciting new businesses. The Mayor, Council and City Staff are working tirelessly depositing seeds of progress throughout the City; Cultivating Possibilities.

Plant seeds. Water them. Watch them grow and flourish…

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