‘My World, Your World: Bridging the Gap’ in Opa-locka Video Premiere: Rapper Brisco & Vice Mayor Myra Taylor

By Christina Gordon….

Brisco “The Opa-locka GOON” and Vice Mayor “Lady” Myra L. Taylor surrounded by winners of the Trivia contest, from the Grace Academy School in Opa-locka, during the premier of ”My World, Your World”; Bridging the Gap.”

Growing-up in the 22nd Avenue Apartments on 138th Street, Nationally known Grammy winning Hip-Hop recording artist Brisco, “The Opa-locka Goon,” recently united with The City of Opa-locka Vice Mayor Myra L. Taylor, in attempts to understand each other’s world and find ways to use their recognition, influence, experience and professions to improve the community and close the generational gap, during the taping of “My World, Your World: Bridging the Gap,” which the pair premiered to students from the Grace Academy School, at the Opa-locka Municipal Complex, 780 Fisherman Street, Monday, September 27, 2010 at 10:00 AM.

In “My World…,” Taylor welcomed Brisco to Historic City Hall and introduced him to her role as Vice Mayor of Opa-locka. With Brisco, the Vice Mayor explored reasons for the younger generation’s lack of passion and involvement in Government, as the generations before them. Brisco’s opinion differed slightly when he commented, “President Obama changed this when he ran for office. Before we just SAID we wanted to be President, NOW we KNOW we could do it. The President raised the level of possibility.” He added, “The President had the Hip-Hop backing!” Brisco further stated that the younger generation will object less if they are given instructions by peers instead of the older generation. The example he cited was in being told to “Pull your Pants up.” However, he is first to admit that in order to decrease the cultural and educational separation between the two generations, there is a need for more conversations and parental nurturing/guidance. He compared the Hip-Hop of now, to the music of the Vice Mayor’s Generation as “recycled Soul” in a modern package… he described it as “a recycled bottle with another liquid.”

As the video progressed, during the ride to the 22nd Avenue Apartments, where Brisco was raised, he advised the Vice Mayor not to fear what she hears in his music. He stated that much of the graphic terminology is just a form of communication within the younger generation, and assured her that when he exits the studio, he turns Brisco off and Brittan (his actual name) on. He said he doesn’t want anyone to misinterpret his message, so he has to be responsible for the way he describes a scenario in his music. Viewers learned more about Brisco’s fear of God, his life in Opalocka, his children and his love for literature and poetry, all which he attributed to his success as an artist. As the pair approached the 22nd Avenue Apartments, for the “…Your World” segment, which was recorded at Brisco’s former home, the Vice Mayor (who already learned to “Swag”), got “Hip-Hop” ready for the final portion of the interview. As they entered the building, a young child could be heard yelling, “Brisco, I like your song,” to which the Vice Mayor later commented that she was disturbed. Taylor said that she believed the child was too young for that type of exposure. Brisco replied, “Not all Hip-Hop is bad (contrary to that which the older generation may want to believe).” He stated that the young boy might be referring to one of his songs with a more positive message. The Vice Mayor deducted that she didn’t understand the fullness of Brisco’s world, but she had been drawn closer to it, as a result of the interview. Brisco vowed to continue advocating for the City of Opa-locka, which he noted has made MANY improvements since his childhood. He said he would learn more about politics through more conversations such as the one he just had with Vice Mayor Taylor in the interview.

“GOON” is described (among the many definitions in the Urban Dictionary), as “a real man.” According to the Vice Mayor, “That would be someone, who’s willing to step-up and commit to taking responsibility for helping create a bridge to better his community, which Brisco is doing.” Brisco defined GOON in an acronym with a new meaning… “Getting Over Obstacles Now,” which was his final advice, during the interview, for the younger generation seeking success.

“My World, Your World: Bridging the Gap,” is set to rebroadcast at various times over the next few weeks on Opa-TV, Comcast Channel 77. No word on when the new song featuring the City of Opa-locka, written by Brisco, will debut. Only one copy, which was won by a student from the Grace Academy during the premier, was distributed. Other students were awarded autographed photos during a question and answer session on the history of Opa-locka, awareness of government and knowledge about Brisco.

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