An All-American 4th of July Celebration in Opa-locka

An All-American 4th of July Celebration in Opa-locka

Jayquan (in white), Pototo and Christina (from Azteca TV 39.2) encouraged the children
at the City of Opa-locka Fourth of July celebration to join them on stage.

With pride, participation and patriotism, on Thursday, July 4th, the City of Opa-locka Mayor and Commission sponsored the Independence Day Celebration, hosted by Commissioner Luis B. Santiago at Sherbondy Village Park, 215 Perviz Ave., from 2:00 – 10:00 p.m., on a day designed to promote family involvement, advance community diversity and observe the Nation’s 237th Birthday.

The event opened with a prayer by Vice Mayor Joseph L. Kelley, followed with remarks from Mayor Myra L. Taylor, Commissioner Dorothy “Dottie” Johnson and Commissioner Timothy Holmes. Representing the true make-up of America, a “melting-pot” of multi-cultural artist entertained the audience with an assortment of music and dance. In sets ranging from 15-45 minutes, Kenney Quintereo, Brisco, Roxy La Rusa, Unselfish, Jayquan, Yohan Manuel, Orquesta Brava and DJ Africa, along with Pototo and Christina from Azteca TV 39.2, engaged spectator involvement on stage and on the ground with music and dance which everyone could enjoy, before the night exploded with a 12-minute spectacular fireworks finale.

Among the festivity attendees was President of the Dominican-American Democratic Club and the Democratic Executive Committee member, America Schroh-Tavarez, whose patriotic first name substantiates her love for the Country, its values and the opportunities it presents her. Tavarez enthusiastically praised Santiago’s success in unifying the community during this occasion and for “making a big change… building a better City.” She expressed pride in Santiago for his efforts to engage Dominican participation in this event and within the “political process” as a whole, on a City, County, State and Federal level. She added, “The work Luis contributes and the enthusiasm he exhibits for thisIndependence Day Celebration is an indication of the passion he has for Public Service and the people of Opa-locka.” She said, visiting the City has been productive for her, because it allowed her to “have an idea of what’s going on in Opa-locka.” Tavarez also noted that Commissioner Santiago is interested in doing more for the City.

An All-American 4th of July Celebration in Opa-locka

William Lora, Flanklin Trujillo, Commissioner Luis Santiago, América Tavarez, Guillermo
Guante, Ramfis Dominguez Trujillo andCarlos Macklerl.

Independence Day includes the celebrations of liberty and opportunity, which encourages optimism and provide vendors such as FreeZone, Sweetnin’s Catering and Ozzie’s Café the chance to apply free enterprise and embrace the entrepreneurship which freedom encourages optimism and provide vendors such as FreeZone, Sweetnin’s Catering and Ozzie’s Café the chance to apply free enterprise and embrace the entrepreneurship which freedom encourages throughout America, and in the City of Opa-locka!

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