Commissioner Timothy Holmes Has Bumper Stickers Limited Supply for Opa-locka Drivers and Businesses Owner

By Christina Gordon….
Commissioner Timothy Holmes is encouraging City of Opa-locka residents who own a car, motorcycle or other means of registered transportation to stop-by his office to pick-up a FREE “NO Ifs, Ands or Butts” Bumper Sticker, while supplies last. In an effort to promote, support and uphold the Ordinance which was signed into effect in November 2007, setting precedence for Opa-locka as the FIRST City in the State of Florida to pass the “No Saggy Pant” law. Holmes has also requested that ALL City vehicles adorn the signature sticker with the same message that could be found on signs throughout City parks and facilities.

Commissioner Holmes has gone a step further by asking all business owners and vendors to purchase the mini (8×10) versions of the signs to display in their windows or exhibit on site at all shop locations, when renewing their licenses. But more importantly, he is asking everyone to enforce the law by requiring all potential patrons, customers or clienteles to understand that in order to  enter a business in the City of Opa-locka, they MUST obey the law. “Publically showing your underwear or your posterior is considered indecent exposure, and we will not have that in the City of Opa-locka,” stated the Commissioner. He said he feels a lot more support now that Florida Governor Rick Scott and Senator Gary Siplin of Orlando are in the same lane. Although request for the Opa-locka “No Saggy Pant” signs have come from various educators at local schools since the posters were exhibited, Commissioner Holmes believes that having the Governor sign a law banning students from wearing Saggy Pants to school will help him reach young people, in and out of Opa-locka. “With the school system involved, there’s no reason or excuse for any students to “get caught with their pants down,” stated Commissioner Holmes over this triumph.

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