Commissioner Tydus Presents the ‘IBIO’ Award

Members of the Community Relations Recreation & Activities Advisory Board stand with Mrs. Angela Dixon and her Family on her beautiful green Lawn. (L to R) City of Opa-locka Finance Director Dr. Ezekiel Orji, Ms. Jacqueline Fogarty, Mr. Jannie Russell, Commissioner Rose Tydus, Winner -Mrs. Angela Dixon and her Son – Edward Brice, Deacon Eugene Stanley, Ms. Linda Parker, City Manager Bryan Finnie, Ashley Rivera, along with young Destiny, C.J., and the grandchildren of Mr. & Mrs. Dixon

“I Believe In Opa-locka (IBIO), because I believe in you,” Commissioner Rose Tydus sang an original song while riding through the City of Opa-locka on the IBIO Prize Mobile, viewing the property of nominees before meeting members of the Community Relations Recreation & Activities Advisory Board, Saturday, April 14, 2012 at Sherbondy Park, 390 Bahman Avenue, to present winning homeowners an IBIO Tee- Shirt and a $100.00 Home Depot cash card for being selected GRAND PRIZE WINNERS of the “IBIO Home Beautification Award.”

The IBIO honor is awarded to two residents in the City of Opa-locka to encourage continued home improvements, assist in funding future enhancements and to help increase the overall value and beautification of their property, which consequently has an impact in the community. “Apparently from the manicured lawns, superior landscaping, attractive floral presentations and/or exterior creativity, many of our homeowners ALSO BELIEVE in Opa-locka,” stated Commissioner Tydus, making reference to Mrs. Deloris Ingram, 1155 Sharar Avenue, and Mrs. Angela Dixon, 955 Ahmad Street, who were selected this round by the committee as IBIO winners.

Arriving shortly after 1:00 PM, the IBIO Prize Squad was greeted at the door by Mrs. Deloris Ingram. Surrounded by palms, tradescantia pallida and variegated plants, Ingram stated that she beautifies the exterior of her home “in honor of my husband (deceased former City of Opa-locka Mayor, Reverend- Doctor Robert B. Ingram), who LOVED it here!” Community Relations Recreation & Activities Advisory Board member Jannie Russell assured Mrs. Ingram that the work she invested in her yard “really lifts this corner up!”

After departing the Ingram home, the IBIO mobile traveled South to the home of Mr. & Mrs. Denver Dixon, where Mrs. Angela Dixon joyfully expressed, “All that work in the yard has PAID-OFF!” She then shared with Commissioner Tydus her “secret” to producing a beautiful green lawn. “It took a mixture of hard work, pride and a homemade remedy (a solution made from a combo of items in her kitchen cabinet) to eradicate the dollar weeds and give her grass the glow that attracted the Committee.

Commissioner Tydus wants residents to know that keeping their property in good condition can be both fulfilling, and “rewarding.” She is hoping that the labor Ingram and Denver placed in their homes, and the shared belief in their City, will inspire neighbors, other residents AND business owners to beautify their property. The “I Believe In Opa-locka” Award is presented quarterly to one or two residents, nominated by members of the community. The IBIO Beautification Award signs can be seen on the winning

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