Mayor Taylor ‘Hops’ Over Opa-locka: Graduation and City Progress Priority

Mayor Taylor at Nathan B. Young Elementary Graduation

Not even a sprained ankle could keep Mayor Myra L. Taylor from attending three June graduations, and roaming the neighborhoods in the City of Opa-locka to survey the progress of work being done.

With a brace on her left leg and foot, Mayor Taylor “hopped” around the City of Opa-locka from Nathan B. Young to Dr. Robert B. Ingram for graduations at the Elementary School level. She also made her way to Florida International University (FIU) for the Hialeah-Miami Lakes High School ceremony, where many of the youth from the City of Opa-locka were receiving their diplomas. The Mayor said, “I feel it is important to give support to the young people in our community, as they continue reaching for higher education.”

Between all the ceremonial procedures, the Mayor traveled through the neighborhoods, “one careful step at a time,” to observe the work being done in the community. She assured, “As long as I can find the strength, NOTHING will slow me down or keep me from encouraging our kids or caring about our City. She continued, “Now that the babies have graduated to their next stage, and are off to a running start, I am going to catch-up with the crew to make sure Opa-locka is still on track with the progress we have been making (referring to pump station 11A where she was in route to observe the work),” as she cautiously “hopped” a little bit further on her ankle through the Nathan B. Young parking lot to reach her next destination.

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