Non-Violent holiday priority among 22nd Avenue residents Rapper & Mayor sponsor ‘Thanksgiving for Life’ give-away

By Christina Gordon….

Before distributing the turkeys, community leaders . (L to R) Deputy Chief Adam Burden, Rep. Darryl Reaves, Rev. Jerome Starling, rapper Brisco, Mayor “Lady” Myra L. Taylor and former Opa-locka Commissioner Terence Pinder, deliver a message of Non-Violence from the podium during the opening ceremony at the “Thanksgiving for Life” Give-Away.

“I believe his message will have an impact because he is the voice of the hood… everyone listens to Brisco,” articulated Sahakira Johnson as she waited in line on Wednesday, November 24, 2010 at 2:00 PM to receive her Turkey from the rapper during the Non-Violence “Thanksgiving for Life” Give-Away which Brisco co-sponsored with City of Opa-locka Mayor “Lady” Myra Taylor in Ingram Park, 2100 Burlington Street, when they reached-out to over 300 families from the 22nd Avenue Apartments, in response to a recent shooting in the area.

Brisco stressed, “This day is about more than free turkeys.” He said, “My heart goes out to the families of the two girls involved in the 22nd Ave shooting. I grew-up in those apartments, I HAD to get involved.” When reflecting on the loss of his mother who died of heart failure when he was just nine years old, and then his brother who four years later was killed in a car accident, Brisco said, “I can relate to the difficult times that some people are having during these upcoming holidays, after losing someone close. But it’s even more devastating when the loss is through needless violence. It doesn’t have to be this way. Stop and think about what you are doing,” he exclaimed!

Growing-up as a child on the tough streets of Opa-locka, in the 22nd Avenue Apartments, British Alexander Mitchell aka “Brisco,” used that experience to redefined the urban term “G.O.O.N.” to mean “Getting Over obstacles Now,” in a song of the same title which he wrote as a formula for success, to encourage the youth of his community on overcoming odds. Brisco, who is signed to Poe Boy Entertainment and Cash Money Records, often plays the G.O.O.N. theme song while riding through the City, as a reminder to himself that “obstacles just give us higher goals to obtain.” The song, heard blaring in the background before and after Brisco spoke to the crowd about curbing the violence, is, according to Mayor Taylor, “slowly becoming a community anthem.”

By co-sponsoring the Non-Violence “Thanksgiving For Life” Give-Away, Brisco, 27, is fulfilling a promise he made in September to Mayor Taylor to work closer with the community, when he appeared with her in the documentary “My World, Your World: Bridging the Gap.”  As the father of sons, British Alexander Mitchell Jr., 6, and Britain Alexander Mitchell, 1, Brisco stated, “They are just two of the many reasons I am dedicated to speaking with youth about making sound decisions. They are also my motives for demonstrating how hard work, education and a strong belief in faith and spirituality, can assist us achieving our goals.” But even with all that, he assured, “If we don’t sever the violence, the lessons will be lost with each future leader who is taken-out as a result of this pointless violence.”

Mayor Taylor commented, “When Brisco vowed to continue advocating for the City of Opa-locka, it was not just talk. He is stepping-up and sticking to his commitment and we are happy to embrace his generosity and his determination to give back to Opa-locka.”  According to the Mayor, “Brisco is taking responsibility for helping create a bridge to better his community.”  Mayor Taylor then added, “There is violence all over, but I will begin working in my corner with help from the Commission, Police Chief Cheryl Cason and Deputy Chief Adam Burden to increase patrol, in addition to help from community supporters like Brisco, Rev. Jerome Starling, Rep. Darryl Reaves and others who dare step to the podium to further the cause for peace in our great City.”   She concluded, “The turkeys are just a small donation to help ease the financial burden for some of the families during the thanksgiving holiday, the larger contribution will come over time as we continue to work towards sparing all of our families in Opa-locka from the pain and suffering of losing loved ones to bloodshed, through senseless violence.

Although intended for the 22nd Avenue residents, the remaining turkeys were distributed to other families from the community, who attended the event in support of the Non-violence “Thanksgiving for Life” message of Mayor Taylor and Brisco.

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